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Alexa Vega Dasha Phal Horoscope

Alexa Vega Horoscope and Astrology

Alexa Vega

Date of Birth:

Aug 27, 1988

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



86 W 6


40 N 36

Time Zone:


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Dirty Data (DD)

Alexa Vega's Prediction Birth to January 22, 1996

This is not a good period for Alexa Vega. Alexa Vega's opponents will try to damage Alexa Vega's reputation. Alexa Vega may have to be involved in unprofitable deeds. Sudden financial loss is on the cards. Take care of Alexa Vega's health and food poisoning could be the cause of stomach ailments. A tendency of taking risks should be curbed as it is not a very harmonious period for Alexa Vega. Dispute on small issues with relatives and friends is on cards. Don't take major decisions otherwise Alexa Vega will be in trouble. Beside this, Alexa Vega might have to get indulge in thankless job.

Alexa Vega's Prediction January 22, 1996 to January 22, 2012

Alexa Vega take care of Alexa Vega'sself now and not let Alexa Vega'sself be overburdened, and that way Alexa Vega can keep Alexa Vega'sself going for long. There might be a few disappointments. Alexa Vega's courage and convictions are Alexa Vega's strongest qualities, but it might hurt to get a little too pigheaded. Don't go for big investment because things may not turn up according to Alexa Vega's expectations. Alexa Vega may not get proper support from Alexa Vega's friends and associates. Family members attitude will be quite different. Health will be an issue and Alexa Vega will see diseased like nausea, fever attacks, ear infection and vomiting.

Alexa Vega's Prediction January 22, 2012 to January 22, 2031

There will be good luck and good stability of the mind which would help live a positive and easy life at home. Good level of gains could come from spouse. It's an excellent year for travel, higher education, communications, venturing into new enterprises; profession etc. synchronization in family life is secure. This period may bring disagreements and even enemity with hith and kins and relatives. Alexa Vega will get good results professionally. Overall the period will be good.

Alexa Vega's Prediction January 22, 2031 to January 22, 2048

This is not a very satisfactory period for Alexa Vega. Alexa Vega may get indulge into sudden losses financially. Failure in attempts will make Alexa Vega feel frustrated. Alexa Vega will have to slog as the work burden will be too much. Family life will also create tensions. Don't try to take risks in business matters as period is not very harmonious to Alexa Vega. Alexa Vega's enemies will try to tarnish Alexa Vega's image. Alexa Vega may also get indulge into unnecessary expenses. Health may also give some trouble. Especially old people may encounter catarrh and phlegmatic troubles.

Alexa Vega's Prediction January 22, 2048 to January 22, 2055

Alexa Vega will get full co-operation from superiors or people in responsible or influential positions. Alexa Vega can make great progress professionally. . Increased corporation from the family is seen. Help from people who live in faraway places or foreign associates. It could be an excellent period promising much success provided Alexa Vega are willing to work on it. New opportunities will come Alexa Vega's way without Alexa Vega's seeking them consciously. Alexa Vega will get much respect and honor in social circle. Alexa Vega will construct a new house and enjoy all sort of pleasures.

Alexa Vega's Prediction January 22, 2055 to January 22, 2075

A visit to a holy place of Alexa Vega's interest is on the charts. Alexa Vega will, however, have a romantic and charismatic attitude, and this will help Alexa Vega maintain cordial relations with the ones Alexa Vega know and establish contacts with the ones Alexa Vega don't. There is certain amount of wish fulfillment which generally means gains in dealings or promotions in the hierarchy of the organization Alexa Vega work for. Acqusition of a new vehicle or buying new land is on the cards. Overall, the period is very good.

Alexa Vega's Prediction January 22, 2075 to January 22, 2081

This is the year for Alexa Vega to add some spice into Alexa Vega's romance life. This is an excellent year for Alexa Vega to get profits from Alexa Vega's contracts and agreements. This is the perfect time for Alexa Vega to enter into deals that will surely work in Alexa Vega's favor. There will be increase in income from business and other ventures and ries in position and status. Now Alexa Vega have enough prerequisites in order to fully harmonize this area of Alexa Vega's personal life. Alexa Vega will aquire vehicles and other comforts. This is the time for Alexa Vega to add status and position to Alexa Vega's family life. A marked increase in Alexa Vega's income is indicated.

Alexa Vega's Prediction January 22, 2081 to January 22, 2091

This is the perfect time for Alexa Vega to take action on Alexa Vega's plans. Stars are very complimentary for Alexa Vega to enjoy the conjugal bliss and married life. The spiritual world can open its gates before Alexa Vega, but it requires some preparation to make use of the opportunities. If Alexa Vega are expecting a kid then safe delivery is also on cards. Alexa Vega will get appreciation for Alexa Vega's written work. This is time of acedamic excellence for studens and they will excel in education. A child birth is very much possible during this period specially a girl.

Alexa Vega's Prediction January 22, 2091 to January 22, 2098

This is a fluorescent period for Alexa Vega so, try to have the benefit of it. Alexa Vega will get relieved of all Alexa Vega's stress and troubles. Family and professional atmosphere will be very supportive to Alexa Vega. Alexa Vega should be a bit conscious while driving. Alexa Vega's enemies will not dare to face Alexa Vega as Alexa Vega will be full frame of mind to crush them. Alexa Vega will come out courageous and get professional distinction.