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Bindu Dasha Phal Horoscope

Bindu Horoscope and Astrology


Date of Birth:

Jan 17, 1951

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



72 E 55


20 N 40

Time Zone:


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Dirty Data (DD)

Bindu's Prediction Birth to June 29, 1956

This is the year for Bindu to add some spice into Bindu's romance life. This is an excellent year for Bindu to get profits from Bindu's contracts and agreements. This is the perfect time for Bindu to enter into deals that will surely work in Bindu's favor. There will be increase in income from business and other ventures and ries in position and status. Now Bindu have enough prerequisites in order to fully harmonize this area of Bindu's personal life. Bindu will aquire vehicles and other comforts. This is the time for Bindu to add status and position to Bindu's family life. A marked increase in Bindu's income is indicated.

Bindu's Prediction June 29, 1956 to June 29, 1966

This is an excellent period for Bindu and monetary gain is on the cards. There may be pleasant surprises and lot of get together with family and relatives. It is a favorable period for Bindu so make the best use of this time. There will be gain from person of opposite sex and favors from superiors. As far as money matter is considered it is a fruitful period.

Bindu's Prediction June 29, 1966 to June 29, 1973

Bindu should avoid complacency and easy-going attitudes, tone down the flashier side of Bindu's nature, and get back to old-fashioned hard-work in an attempt to succeed in life. Financially it will be a difficult period. Bindu may have to confront theft, scandals and disputes during this period. Bindu will find increased work-loads and heightened levels of responsibility at work. This is considered somewhat a bad period for health. Bindu can face ear and eye troubles. Bindu's life-partner can also have health issues. Bindu's peace of mind will remain disturbed.

Bindu's Prediction June 29, 1973 to June 29, 1991

This period is marked by the change in place and change in job. Bindu will suffer due to mental anxiety. Bindu won't have any peace of mind. Family member's attitude will be quite different. Don't go for big investment because things may not turn up according to Bindu's expectations. Bindu's friends and associates shall not keep their promises. Be careful of wicked friends as Bindu's reputation could be made to suffer on their account. Take care of family's health as the problems related to their health may arise. Do not therefore plan a journey now. Physical ailments are also possible.

Bindu's Prediction June 29, 1991 to June 29, 2007

But sufferings and letdowns are bound to come, and Bindu will need to learn to take things positively and not to leave matters unfinished. Bindu will need to be in the thick of things at Bindu's workplace. Sudden losses are also possible. Bindu may gain from foreign sources. Health problems might disturb Bindu. Bindu may have to be involved in unprofitable deeds. Family atmosphere may not be harmonious. Bindu's enemies will try in each and every way to tarnish Bindu's image. Not a very sound period for Bindu.

Bindu's Prediction June 29, 2007 to June 29, 2026

The period will begin with hurdles in career due to pressures created by competition in Bindu's work area. Bindu need to be more flexible in handling those situations. New projects and risks in career should be avoided. Bindu should avoid controversy or seeking a change in job till such time. Bindu need to keep Bindu's speech & communications positive & non offensive throughout to ensure Bindu do not suffer any set backs due to Bindu's words, written or spoken. Bindu's relationship with the opposite sex will not be cordial. Illness of life-partner is also on the cards. As far as possible, unwanted travels should be curtailed. Bindu may have to face some unexpected sorrows and baseless allegations.

Bindu's Prediction June 29, 2026 to June 29, 2043

Bindu are an eternal optimist, and events of the year will further strengthen Bindu's optimistic instincts. Bindu can do reasonably well if Bindu time Bindu's investments intelligently based on the best periods hinted for Bindu's sign. All round cooperation and happiness can be the reward from Bindu's loved ones and associates, victory over opponents and pleasant functions such as marriage or romantic situations parties are also the likely outcomes. Family atmosphere will be quite satisfactory.

Bindu's Prediction June 29, 2043 to June 29, 2050

Partnerships are good for Bindu this year, in both the professional and personal sphere. However, the most important thing is that Bindu might just have that overwhelming, life-changing experience that Bindu were waiting for so long. Communications and negotiations will click for Bindu and bring in new opportunities. Bindu will generous and help people. There will be frequent travels regarding business/job etc which will bring good luck for Bindu. If employed then service conditions will improve.

Bindu's Prediction June 29, 2050 to June 29, 2070

This period brings Bindu success in all comings and goings. Some form of pleasant culmination in Bindu's professional life brings rewards and recognition. Happier period for recreation and romance. Bindu's brother and sisters will flourish this year. There will be an increase in Bindu's income due to Bindu's own efforts. Family life shall be quite happy. An exciting job offer, reward, recognition, or promotion is very possible. Bindu will buy gold items, and precious stones. In general, Bindu will get on very well with friends/associates and people from different walks of life.

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