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Transit 2024 horoscope

Dante Horoscope and Astrology


Date of Birth:

Oct 18, 1983

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



38 W 30


13 S 0

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Dirty Data (DD)

Dante's 2024's Jupiter Transit Horoscope

This is a very good period coming after a period of difficulties and hardships and at last Dante can relax and enjoy the Success and the results of the hard work Dante had been doing for a long time. Dante's financial luck will be excellent provided Dante avoid dubious speculative activities. Travels can bring Dante into contact with compatible partners or new friends. Dante will befriend with political dignitaries or higher officials. Dante will see birth of a son during this period.

Dante's 2024's Saturn Transit Horoscope

On the darker side, this might well contribute to disputes and love loss with some loved ones. The important thing is not to involve oneself in others problems at this point of time. Dante's health and financial situation are at risk. Dante might get involved in a scandal and Dante's reputation may suffer damage. There could be chances of getting money unexpectedly but needless to say expenses will be very high. This period characterizes with danger, so Dante need to be extra cautios. Travel will not be rewarding, so avoid it.

Dante's 2024's Rahu Transit Horoscope

The outlook however will remain average mostly throughout the period. Dante should work on developing Dante's profession rather than focusing on gains. During this period there could be personal issues & minor health issues which could create hurdles for work. There would be challenges and new choices which should be taken carefully. New projects should be totally avoided. This period will experience hurdles due to Dante's un-adjusting nature as well as competition in work environment. Purchase of land and machinery should be postponed for some time.

Dante's 2024's Ketu Transit Horoscope

This is not a good period for Dante. Dante's opponents will try to damage Dante's reputation. Dante may have to be involved in unprofitable deeds. Sudden financial loss is on the cards. Take care of Dante's health and food poisoning could be the cause of stomach ailments. A tendency of taking risks should be curbed as it is not a very harmonious period for Dante. Dispute on small issues with relatives and friends is on cards. Don't take major decisions otherwise Dante will be in trouble. Beside this, Dante might have to get indulge in thankless job.
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