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Josh Abbott Dasha Phal Horoscope

Josh Abbott Horoscope and Astrology

Josh Abbott

Date of Birth:

Jul 20, 1980

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



91 W 41


37 N 34

Time Zone:


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Josh Abbott's Prediction Birth to August 1, 1988

Though Josh Abbott will try a lot to maintain good relation with Josh Abbott's partners or associates but all in ruin. Growth & new areas might not come as easily. This period will begin with challenges and difficulties. There could be controversy & unnecessary aggression. Sudden losses are also possible. Health problems might disturb Josh Abbott. Josh Abbott may have to be involved in unprofitable deeds. Try to develop resistance towards odds. A tendency of taking risk should be curbed and all kinds of speculations must be avoided.

Josh Abbott's Prediction August 1, 1988 to August 1, 2004

Josh Abbott take care of Josh Abbott'sself now and not let Josh Abbott'sself be overburdened, and that way Josh Abbott can keep Josh Abbott'sself going for long. There might be a few disappointments. Josh Abbott's courage and convictions are Josh Abbott's strongest qualities, but it might hurt to get a little too pigheaded. Don't go for big investment because things may not turn up according to Josh Abbott's expectations. Josh Abbott may not get proper support from Josh Abbott's friends and associates. Family members attitude will be quite different. Health will be an issue and Josh Abbott will see diseased like nausea, fever attacks, ear infection and vomiting.

Josh Abbott's Prediction August 1, 2004 to August 1, 2023

The period opens with a difficult phase in career. A dip in activity & opportunity will be experienced, although there could be rise in irrelevant activity in career. New investments or risky deals should be avoided as there could be chances of losses. It will not be advisable to commence new project or make new investments. Josh Abbott should avoid getting aggressive with Josh Abbott's superiors. It would be better to use Josh Abbott's own skill and caliber other than thinking of taking help from others. Possiblity of theft or loss of money due to some other means is also there. Take proper care of Josh Abbott'sself and Josh Abbott's family members. Josh Abbott may also receive bad news regarding some one's demise.

Josh Abbott's Prediction August 1, 2023 to August 1, 2040

Josh Abbott may suffer due to health complications. Josh Abbott will find it difficult to retain money as Josh Abbott will have tendency towards spending on luxuries and pleasures. This is not a good period for indulging in rash speculative activities. Silly quarrels, misunderstanding and arguments can affect family's peace and serenity. People jealous of Josh Abbott can cause problems, thus may get un-based accusations and create unhappiness in the family beware of them. Josh Abbott may have trouble from opposite gender so Josh Abbott need to be careful of them.

Josh Abbott's Prediction August 1, 2040 to August 1, 2047

A phase of confusion in strategy & misunderstandings with business partners or associates is possible. Major expansion & long term plans should be put on hold. Focus should be on gains from existing sources, throughout the period. It is better to avoid travel as far as possible. Josh Abbott's enemies will put their best efforts to harm Josh Abbott. Even Josh Abbott should be careful about Josh Abbott's friends as there are indications of cheating. Take good care of Josh Abbott'sself as it may become the reason of anxiety. Health requires special attention as there are possibilities of chonic diseases. Try to be practical in this period. As a matter off act Josh Abbott will be inclined towards unproductive pursuits. Loss of money is on the cards. There can be disputes with the characterless persons.

Josh Abbott's Prediction August 1, 2047 to August 1, 2067

Somehow, time and fortune will throw the spotlight at Josh Abbott, and Josh Abbott's activities. It is high time that Josh Abbott are given credit for Josh Abbott's efforts and other recognize Josh Abbott and look up to Josh Abbott. Josh Abbott will be able to carry out Josh Abbott's responsibilities and maintain the same closeness with Josh Abbott's parents, sibling and relatives. Josh Abbott might receive a very good piece of news through communication.Keep up the tempo and believe in Josh Abbott's abilities, the year will see Josh Abbott off in a completely new position. A long distance travel will be rewarding. During this period Josh Abbott will live an aristocratic life.

Josh Abbott's Prediction August 1, 2067 to August 1, 2073

This will be a difficult period. Josh Abbott's luck seems against Josh Abbott. Josh Abbott's business associates may create hassles for Josh Abbott. Business trips may not be fruitful. On the domestic front, keep Josh Abbott's temper in check from getting into embarrassing situations. Partner's ill health may cause worries. Josh Abbott too, may suffer sickness and mental tension. Josh Abbott may also have trouble in head, eye, feet and arm.

Josh Abbott's Prediction August 1, 2073 to August 1, 2083

Very successful and perspective period is waiting for Josh Abbott ahead. Creative approaches and opportunities for additional earning are on the cards. Josh Abbott will share a very good rapport with seniors and supervisors. A marked increase in Josh Abbott's income is indicated. There will be expansion of trade and increase iof reputation. Overall this is a period of all round successs.

Josh Abbott's Prediction August 1, 2083 to August 1, 2090

It could be some good period promising some success provided Josh Abbott are willing to work on it. New opportunities will come Josh Abbott's way without Josh Abbott's seeking them consciously. Changes at work-place or at home can be fortunate. Josh Abbott will take decisive steps forward along the path of progress. There may be increase in expenditure which needs to be controlled. Josh Abbott will also find Josh Abbott'sself vigourless and berift of confidence.