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Mayawati Dasha Phal Horoscope

Mayawati Horoscope and Astrology


Date of Birth:

Jan 15, 1956

Time of Birth:


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77 E 26


28 N 39

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The Times Select Horoscopes

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Accurate (A)

Mayawati's Prediction Birth to May 25, 1960

Anxiety may develop due to ill health of family members. Travel may be fruitless and therefore should be avoided. Mayawati will indulge in unnecessary expenses so, be careful regarding that. Mayawati should be cautious while dealing with friends and colleagues. Mayawati's power of judgment and discrimination may weaken sometimes. There can be injury due to fire. This period also indicated heart trouble, so Mayawati should be very careful about Mayawati's health.

Mayawati's Prediction May 25, 1960 to May 25, 1978

This is not a good period for Mayawati. Mayawati's opponents will try to damage Mayawati's reputation. Mayawati may have to be involved in unprofitable deeds. Sudden financial loss is on the cards. Take care of Mayawati's health and food poisoning could be the cause of stomach ailments. A tendency of taking risks should be curbed as it is not a very harmonious period for Mayawati. Dispute on small issues with relatives and friends is on cards. Don't take major decisions otherwise Mayawati will be in trouble. Beside this, Mayawati might have to get indulge in thankless job.

Mayawati's Prediction May 25, 1978 to May 25, 1994

Mayawati enjoy sharing Mayawati's musical talents, and creating a new musical piece is a very strong possibility. Mayawati can be very successful in expressing Mayawati's higher principles, whether it is work related or community oriented. Expect monetary returns when Mayawati put Mayawati's ideas into practice. Money will definitely be coming Mayawati's way and will greatly influence Mayawati's personal beliefs, dreams and philosophies. Mayawati's enemies will not be able to prevail over Mayawati. Overall, happiness is assured in this period. There will be addtioan to Mayawati's family members.

Mayawati's Prediction May 25, 1994 to May 25, 2013

Job matters will remain mostly below average and not entirely satisfactory. Work environment will remain disturbed and under pressure during this period. Risk taking tendencies should be curbed totally. Mayawati should avoid major activity during this period. If working as a professional, this year will experience hurdles and some challenges. There will be uncertainty and some confusion. Mayawati will lack full support from Mayawati's own people. Possiblity of some legal action against Mayawati is also there. The health of Mayawati's dear ones may create anxiety for Mayawati. There will be problem in the progeny during this period. Mayawati should keep a low profile during this time and avoid changes.

Mayawati's Prediction May 25, 2013 to May 25, 2030

A highly productive year that will leave Mayawati feeling satisfied with what Mayawati have achieved. During this period Mayawati will enjoy the life with full optimism and vivacity. There will be ample opportunity for travel, study, and progress in life. Mayawati will find that the opposite sex will help Mayawati in Mayawati's sphere. Mayawati will get the respect that Mayawati richly deserve and Mayawati's life will be more stable. Speculative activities will be gainful. There may be acquisition of land or vehicle.

Mayawati's Prediction May 25, 2030 to May 25, 2037

Mayawati will get full co-operation from superiors or people in responsible or influential positions. Mayawati can make great progress professionally. . Increased corporation from the family is seen. Help from people who live in faraway places or foreign associates. It could be an excellent period promising much success provided Mayawati are willing to work on it. New opportunities will come Mayawati's way without Mayawati's seeking them consciously. Mayawati will get much respect and honor in social circle. Mayawati will construct a new house and enjoy all sort of pleasures.

Mayawati's Prediction May 25, 2037 to May 25, 2057

On the darker side, this might well contribute to disputes and love loss with some loved ones. The important thing is not to involve oneself in others problems at this point of time. Mayawati's health and financial situation are at risk. Mayawati might get involved in a scandal and Mayawati's reputation may suffer damage. There could be chances of getting money unexpectedly but needless to say expenses will be very high. This period characterizes with danger, so Mayawati need to be extra cautios. Travel will not be rewarding, so avoid it.

Mayawati's Prediction May 25, 2057 to May 25, 2063

This will be a difficult period. Mayawati's luck seems against Mayawati. Mayawati's business associates may create hassles for Mayawati. Business trips may not be fruitful. On the domestic front, keep Mayawati's temper in check from getting into embarrassing situations. Partner's ill health may cause worries. Mayawati too, may suffer sickness and mental tension. Mayawati may also have trouble in head, eye, feet and arm.

Mayawati's Prediction May 25, 2063 to May 25, 2073

This period would be an excellent stepping stone for growth vertically and a rise on Mayawati's career. There are chances of getting benefits from the associates/partners. There will be happiness from the opposite sex. Love and romance will be on the rise. There will be gains through trade and foreign travels. Health related problems may disturb Mayawati's peace of mind. Mayawati's self-discipline, self-monitoring and control over Mayawati's daily routine will be beneficial to Mayawati. Be careful from fever and rheumatic pains. This period also gives indication to ill health to Mayawati's life-partner.