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Transit 2024 horoscope

Raakhee Gulzar-1 Horoscope and Astrology

Raakhee Gulzar-1

Date of Birth:

Aug 15, 1943

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



88 E 20


22 N 30

Time Zone:


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Raakhee Gulzar-1's 2024's Jupiter Transit Horoscope

The people around Raakhee Gulzar-1 will realize Raakhee Gulzar-1's true worth and this will be gladdening to Raakhee Gulzar-1 and will be a strong motivating factor for Raakhee Gulzar-1 to keep giving Raakhee Gulzar-1's best consistently. This is the best period for Raakhee Gulzar-1 to travel. Just let go and enjoy the happiness that comes Raakhee Gulzar-1's way. At last Raakhee Gulzar-1 can relax and enjoy the success and the results of the hard work Raakhee Gulzar-1 had been doing for a long time. This period will also bring Raakhee Gulzar-1 in the midst of famous people. Raakhee Gulzar-1's desire of getting a kid will be fulfilled. Raakhee Gulzar-1's creativity will be appreciated by others.

Raakhee Gulzar-1's 2024's Saturn Transit Horoscope

Somehow, time and fortune will throw the spotlight at Raakhee Gulzar-1, and Raakhee Gulzar-1's activities. It is high time that Raakhee Gulzar-1 are given credit for Raakhee Gulzar-1's efforts and other recognize Raakhee Gulzar-1 and look up to Raakhee Gulzar-1. Raakhee Gulzar-1 will be able to carry out Raakhee Gulzar-1's responsibilities and maintain the same closeness with Raakhee Gulzar-1's parents, sibling and relatives. Raakhee Gulzar-1 might receive a very good piece of news through communication.Keep up the tempo and believe in Raakhee Gulzar-1's abilities, the year will see Raakhee Gulzar-1 off in a completely new position. A long distance travel will be rewarding. During this period Raakhee Gulzar-1 will live an aristocratic life.

Raakhee Gulzar-1's 2024's Rahu Transit Horoscope

There will be good luck and good stability of the mind which would help live a positive and easy life at home. Good level of gains could come from spouse. It's an excellent year for travel, higher education, communications, venturing into new enterprises; profession etc. synchronization in family life is secure. This period may bring disagreements and even enemity with hith and kins and relatives. Raakhee Gulzar-1 will get good results professionally. Overall the period will be good.

Raakhee Gulzar-1's 2024's Ketu Transit Horoscope

Volatility & some lack of direction in career will prevail as the period starts. Raakhee Gulzar-1 should avoid new projects or major changes in career during this time. Raakhee Gulzar-1 will not be able to cope well with Raakhee Gulzar-1's friends and relatives. Unwanted situations may arise, which can create fighting, troubles into Raakhee Gulzar-1's life. Don't adopt undesirable means for quick monetary gains. Working/service conditions shall not be satisfactory. There could be danger of accident/mishap. Try to build up Raakhee Gulzar-1's confidence to cope with awkward situations which will come in this period. Raakhee Gulzar-1 may have cough problems, asthmatic complaints or rheumatic pains.
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