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Ravi Kishan Dasha Phal Horoscope

Ravi Kishan Horoscope and Astrology

Ravi Kishan

Date of Birth:

Jul 17, 1969

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



82 E 41


25 N 44

Time Zone:


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Dirty Data (DD)

Ravi Kishan's Prediction Birth to April 24, 1976

A phase of confusion in strategy & misunderstandings with business partners or associates is possible. Major expansion & long term plans should be put on hold. Focus should be on gains from existing sources, throughout the period. It is better to avoid travel as far as possible. Ravi Kishan's enemies will put their best efforts to harm Ravi Kishan. Even Ravi Kishan should be careful about Ravi Kishan's friends as there are indications of cheating. Take good care of Ravi Kishan'sself as it may become the reason of anxiety. Health requires special attention as there are possibilities of chonic diseases. Try to be practical in this period. As a matter off act Ravi Kishan will be inclined towards unproductive pursuits. Loss of money is on the cards. There can be disputes with the characterless persons.

Ravi Kishan's Prediction April 24, 1976 to April 24, 1996

A visit to a holy place of Ravi Kishan's interest is on the charts. Ravi Kishan will, however, have a romantic and charismatic attitude, and this will help Ravi Kishan maintain cordial relations with the ones Ravi Kishan know and establish contacts with the ones Ravi Kishan don't. There is certain amount of wish fulfillment which generally means gains in dealings or promotions in the hierarchy of the organization Ravi Kishan work for. Acqusition of a new vehicle or buying new land is on the cards. Overall, the period is very good.

Ravi Kishan's Prediction April 24, 1996 to April 24, 2002

This is the year for Ravi Kishan to add some spice into Ravi Kishan's romance life. This is an excellent year for Ravi Kishan to get profits from Ravi Kishan's contracts and agreements. This is the perfect time for Ravi Kishan to enter into deals that will surely work in Ravi Kishan's favor. There will be increase in income from business and other ventures and ries in position and status. Now Ravi Kishan have enough prerequisites in order to fully harmonize this area of Ravi Kishan's personal life. Ravi Kishan will aquire vehicles and other comforts. This is the time for Ravi Kishan to add status and position to Ravi Kishan's family life. A marked increase in Ravi Kishan's income is indicated.

Ravi Kishan's Prediction April 24, 2002 to April 24, 2012

Ravi Kishan may get indulge into unwanted expenditure. Approach towards love, romance and life in general is not encouraging. Ravi Kishan are advised to be very calm and balanced in Ravi Kishan's approach towards different situations in life. Guesswork is not going to help Ravi Kishan in any field so it should be avoided. There will be health problems related to eyes, phlegmatic complaints and spleen. Ravi Kishan will create problems for Ravi Kishan'sself by uttering falsehood.

Ravi Kishan's Prediction April 24, 2012 to April 24, 2019

Physically as well as mentally Ravi Kishan will be very courageous during this period. This is a good phase for Ravi Kishan's relatives especially Ravi Kishan's brothers will grow. Go for attempts in Ravi Kishan's career life as the success is assured. Gain of material things is also indicated. Ravi Kishan's enemies will not be able to plunk before Ravi Kishan. Ravi Kishan's desired will be fulfilled during this period. Ravi Kishan will come out as a winner.

Ravi Kishan's Prediction April 24, 2019 to April 24, 2037

Though Ravi Kishan will try a lot to maintain good relation with Ravi Kishan's partners or associates but all in ruin. Growth & new areas might not come as easily. This period will begin with challenges and difficulties. There could be controversy & unnecessary aggression. Sudden losses are also possible. Health problems might disturb Ravi Kishan. Ravi Kishan may have to be involved in unprofitable deeds. Try to develop resistance towards odds. A tendency of taking risk should be curbed and all kinds of speculations must be avoided.

Ravi Kishan's Prediction April 24, 2037 to April 24, 2053

Ravi Kishan's personal needs will be met the more Ravi Kishan tune into Ravi Kishan's spiritual side, and Ravi Kishan's growth will be directly connected with Ravi Kishan's ability to accept Ravi Kishan's deep philosophical transformation. Ravi Kishan could greatly benefit by finishing that degree or get that certificate Ravi Kishan've been working on. This is a good time to follow that urge to express Ravi Kishan's deep inner changes in Ravi Kishan's personal growth. Ravi Kishan can be very successful in expressing Ravi Kishan's higher principles, whether it is work related or community oriented. Ravi Kishan's outlook will be optimistic and Ravi Kishan's enemies will be in touble during this period. Expect monetary returns when Ravi Kishan put Ravi Kishan's ideas into practice. Ravi Kishan will gain from government and mistry and may work together with them for the success. There will be expansion in the trade or will get job promotions. Family happiness is assured for Ravi Kishan.

Ravi Kishan's Prediction April 24, 2053 to April 24, 2072

The period opens with a difficult phase in career. A dip in activity & opportunity will be experienced, although there could be rise in irrelevant activity in career. New investments or risky deals should be avoided as there could be chances of losses. It will not be advisable to commence new project or make new investments. Ravi Kishan should avoid getting aggressive with Ravi Kishan's superiors. It would be better to use Ravi Kishan's own skill and caliber other than thinking of taking help from others. Possiblity of theft or loss of money due to some other means is also there. Take proper care of Ravi Kishan'sself and Ravi Kishan's family members. Ravi Kishan may also receive bad news regarding some one's demise.

Ravi Kishan's Prediction April 24, 2072 to April 24, 2089

Ravi Kishan are an eternal optimist, and events of the year will further strengthen Ravi Kishan's optimistic instincts. Ravi Kishan can do reasonably well if Ravi Kishan time Ravi Kishan's investments intelligently based on the best periods hinted for Ravi Kishan's sign. All round cooperation and happiness can be the reward from Ravi Kishan's loved ones and associates, victory over opponents and pleasant functions such as marriage or romantic situations parties are also the likely outcomes. Family atmosphere will be quite satisfactory.