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Shahbaz Ahmed Dasha Phal Horoscope

Shahbaz Ahmed Horoscope and Astrology

Shahbaz Ahmed

Date of Birth:

Dec 12, 1994

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



28 E 0


77 N 0

Time Zone:


Information Source:

Dirty Data

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Dirty Data (DD)

Shahbaz Ahmed's Prediction Birth to September 28, 2003

Income or the position will be improved and gain of profits from work or the business activities is guaranteed. Defeat of enemies, increased property, gain of knowledge, favor from superiors and success can be expected during this period. Travels will be very useful this period will also make Shahbaz Ahmed human philosophical and profound. Shahbaz Ahmed will be able to balance professional and domestic commitments intelligently.

Shahbaz Ahmed's Prediction September 28, 2003 to September 28, 2010

This is a period of mixed results for Shahbaz Ahmed. In this period Shahbaz Ahmed will suffer due to mental stress and strain. Shahbaz Ahmed may face problem in Shahbaz Ahmed's business partnerships. Financially the period is not so good. Journeys will not be fruitful. Risk taking tendencies could be curbed totally. Shahbaz Ahmed can get into conflicts with Shahbaz Ahmed's dear ones so better try to avoid these kinds of situations. However, this is not a good period for love and romance. Shahbaz Ahmed should be very careful in love and relationship as it can bring disrespect and loss of honor to Shahbaz Ahmed.

Shahbaz Ahmed's Prediction September 28, 2010 to September 28, 2030

This period is fabulous for Shahbaz Ahmed for many reasons. Shahbaz Ahmed's ambience is just so great, that things just seem to be sorting themselves out. All Shahbaz Ahmed's household affairs are going around their respective orbits with perfect harmony. Shahbaz Ahmed's passion and zeal jet Shahbaz Ahmed's performance and efficiency to an all time high. There will be favor from the high class, improvement in Shahbaz Ahmed's staus, and destruction of Shahbaz Ahmed's enemies. Shahbaz Ahmed will get full support from Shahbaz Ahmed's family members and relatives. There will be a pleasant environment all around Shahbaz Ahmed.

Shahbaz Ahmed's Prediction September 28, 2030 to September 28, 2036

A patchy domestic life may require more attention and care. It will be difficult to cope with family matters and tension. There will be disputes with the family members. There is possibility of Shahbaz Ahmed getting a bad news within the family.There may be heavy financial losses and loss of property. Money matters should be taken care of. Throaat, Mouth and eye diseases may cause trouble.

Shahbaz Ahmed's Prediction September 28, 2036 to September 28, 2046

This is not a very favorable period for Shahbaz Ahmed physically as well as mentally. Shahbaz Ahmed may suffer some problems related to Shahbaz Ahmed's health which may disturb Shahbaz Ahmed's peace of mind. Shahbaz Ahmed's enemies may try to blot Shahbaz Ahmed's image in front of Shahbaz Ahmed's family and friends so Shahbaz Ahmed are advised to stay away from them as much as possible. Health problems are very much possible during this period so Shahbaz Ahmed need to be very careful about Shahbaz Ahmed's health. Possibility of ill health to Shahbaz Ahmed's life partner is also there.

Shahbaz Ahmed's Prediction September 28, 2046 to September 28, 2053

Shahbaz Ahmed will get full co-operation from superiors or people in responsible or influential positions. Shahbaz Ahmed can make great progress professionally. Shahbaz Ahmed might have to shoulder important responsibilities both at the career and domestic fronts. There will be a good opportunity to come into contact with compatible persons in the course of Shahbaz Ahmed's official duties/ travels. Shahbaz Ahmed will be precious metals, gems and jewelry. Shahbaz Ahmed's children will require attention as they will be more vulnerable during this period.

Shahbaz Ahmed's Prediction September 28, 2053 to September 28, 2071

New areas Shahbaz Ahmed explore this year could be loss generating as there could be steady rise in expenses which might not yield direct gains or any long term position. There may be trouble from the enemies and legal problems. Shahbaz Ahmed will be able to continue with existing line of work & remain low profile and stable in Shahbaz Ahmed's outlook. The outlook for gain should be short term only. Medium & long term projects are better started. There may be problem s related to Shahbaz Ahmed's eyes. Shahbaz Ahmed's friendship with the opposite sex will not be cordial plans of making quick money should be scrutinized first. There can be problem to Shahbaz Ahmed's girl friend/ boy friend.

Shahbaz Ahmed's Prediction September 28, 2071 to September 28, 2087

Shahbaz Ahmed enjoy sharing Shahbaz Ahmed's musical talents, and creating a new musical piece is a very strong possibility. Shahbaz Ahmed can be very successful in expressing Shahbaz Ahmed's higher principles, whether it is work related or community oriented. Expect monetary returns when Shahbaz Ahmed put Shahbaz Ahmed's ideas into practice. Money will definitely be coming Shahbaz Ahmed's way and will greatly influence Shahbaz Ahmed's personal beliefs, dreams and philosophies. Shahbaz Ahmed's enemies will not be able to prevail over Shahbaz Ahmed. Overall, happiness is assured in this period. There will be addtioan to Shahbaz Ahmed's family members.

Shahbaz Ahmed's Prediction September 28, 2087 to September 28, 2106

Job matters will remain mostly below average and not entirely satisfactory. Work environment will remain disturbed and under pressure during this period. Risk taking tendencies should be curbed totally. Shahbaz Ahmed should avoid major activity during this period. If working as a professional, this year will experience hurdles and some challenges. There will be uncertainty and some confusion. Shahbaz Ahmed will lack full support from Shahbaz Ahmed's own people. Possiblity of some legal action against Shahbaz Ahmed is also there. The health of Shahbaz Ahmed's dear ones may create anxiety for Shahbaz Ahmed. There will be problem in the progeny during this period. Shahbaz Ahmed should keep a low profile during this time and avoid changes.

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