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About Azhar Ali / Azhar Ali Biography

Azhar Ali Horoscope and Astrology

Azhar Ali

Date of Birth:

Feb 19, 1985

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



74 E 22


31 N 32

Time Zone:


Information Source:

Kundli Sangraha (Bhat)

AstroSage Rating:

Accurate (A)

About Azhar Ali/ Who is Azhar Ali

Azhar Ali (Born on Feb 19, 1985) is an international cricketer and a former captain of Pakistan ODI team. He is a right handed batsman and a part time leg spinner. Azhar Ali became one of the few Pakistani players to make his Test debut before playing an ODI against Australia at Lord’s in July 2010.

What year was Azhar Ali born?

Year 1985

What is Azhar Ali's birth date?

His birthday is on Tuesday, February 19, 1985.

Where was Azhar Ali born?


How old is Azhar Ali ?

Azhar Ali is 37 years old.

When was Azhar Ali born?

Tuesday, February 19, 1985

What is the nationality of Azhar Ali?

This data is not available.

Azhar Ali's Character horoscope

Azhar Ali started out Azhar Ali's life under favourable circumstances, It might be said that Azhar Ali were born with a silver spoon in Azhar Ali's mouth. Azhar Ali's memory is unusually good and Azhar Ali never forget a kindness. Azhar Ali are generous even to excess. Azhar Ali have a methodical nature, which is reflected in Azhar Ali's work, Azhar Ali's dress and Azhar Ali's particular place of abode.Azhar Ali are personally attractive, graceful and refined. Azhar Ali are large-hearted and large-minded. Azhar Ali are considerate when things go awry. Azhar Ali are forceful in character.Azhar Ali are a born leader but Azhar Ali are too modest to parade this quality. Azhar Ali think in big things, and act in big things and Azhar Ali cannot be bothered with niggling details.Azhar Ali's ambitions are exalted and Azhar Ali set Azhar Ali'sself a very high goal to aim at. Often, Azhar Ali fall short of the mark, as is bound to happen, but what Azhar Ali do achieve is above the average.

Azhar Ali's Happiness and Fulfillment horoscope

Azhar Ali are having the feelings of confidence and optimism. Azhar Ali always feel that things will turn out well and have the ability to make this come to pass. Extremely kind and tolerant of others, Azhar Ali are also very practical, and can gain complete understanding of total concepts from the most minor detail. Azhar Ali have faith and a philosophical attitude toward life which helps Azhar Ali through many trials and gives Azhar Ali the greatest potential for achieving happiness.Azhar Ali maintain a wonderful zest as Azhar Ali want to achieve something in life. But Azhar Ali may fall prey to Azhar Ali's contradictory state of mind and lose interest in Azhar Ali's studies. In such situations, Azhar Ali should let go of everything and think freely. Azhar Ali have to believe that Azhar Ali can do better than the rest for which Azhar Ali need the assistance of Azhar Ali's studies. If Azhar Ali deploy a particular schedule and work according to it, no one can stop Azhar Ali from succeeding. Azhar Ali like to share Azhar Ali's knowledge with others and this is where Azhar Ali actually start to learn as dissemination of knowledge will help Azhar Ali in remembering things in a better manner. This will definitely provide assistance to Azhar Ali's studies. Azhar Ali will obtain such an education which will help Azhar Ali to prosper in every aspect of life and also keep Azhar Ali satisfied mentally.

Azhar Ali's Life Style horoscope

Azhar Ali's parents serve as a spiritual factor influencing Azhar Ali to accomplish certain objectives. Try to do what Azhar Ali want to do. Perform for Azhar Ali'sself and not for them.