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About Bobby Simha / Bobby Simha Biography

Bobby Simha Horoscope and Astrology

Bobby Simha

Date of Birth:

Nov 6, 1983

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



77 E 29


10 N 14

Time Zone:


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About Bobby Simha/ Who is Bobby Simha

Bobby Simha was born on 6 November, 1983 in Kodaikanal. He is an Indian film actor who works in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam film industry.

What year was Bobby Simha born?

Year 1983

What is Bobby Simha's birth date?

His birthday is on Sunday, November 6, 1983.

Where was Bobby Simha born?


How old is Bobby Simha ?

Bobby Simha is 39 years old.

When was Bobby Simha born?

Sunday, November 6, 1983

What is the nationality of Bobby Simha?

This data is not available.

Bobby Simha's Character horoscope

Bobby Simha are a very practical person and equally capable. Bobby Simha are very tidy by nature, Bobby Simha love order and are methodical. It is even possible that these qualities are too highly developed in Bobby Simha, and it may be that while attending to minute details, Bobby Simha lose some of the larger opportunities of life.Bobby Simha are sensitive and generous. Were Bobby Simha to hear of a case of want or somebody in dire distress, it is unthinkable that Bobby Simha would pass by and not hold out a helping hand.Bobby Simha are a hesitant person. Though Bobby Simha have the qualities for making Bobby Simha's way in the world and it is within Bobby Simha's powers to climb high up the ladder of success, the necessary qualities to carry Bobby Simha through and while Bobby Simha are wondering some more pushing but less well-equipped person steps into Bobby Simha's place. Therefore do not think much of Bobby Simha's mythical limitations. Take it for granted that Bobby Simha will succeed and Bobby Simha will.Bobby Simha are calculative and realistic. Bobby Simha always want to achieve something. There is some deep desire burning in Bobby Simha's heart to achieve something. This makes Bobby Simha restless at times. However, Bobby Simha will always have proud on Bobby Simha's achievements.

Bobby Simha's Happiness and Fulfillment horoscope

Bobby Simha will often meet with disappointments and expect more, for Bobby Simha tend to worry so much that the very things Bobby Simha are afraid of usually happen. Very shy, Bobby Simha have great difficulty in communicating feelings and emotions. If Bobby Simha will clear Bobby Simha's head of all worldly matters for a small period each day and sit in meditation, Bobby Simha will feel much peace and realise that things are not as bad as they seem.Bobby Simha tend to keep wandering in various places, which is why the idea of studying for a prolonged duration will not be entertained by Bobby Simha. But , it can give birth to negative circumstances in Bobby Simha's educational life. Once Bobby Simha gain victory over Bobby Simha's lethargic nature, Bobby Simha will perform well in Bobby Simha's studies. Bobby Simha have a morbid curiosity about unfamiliar things. Bobby Simha's imagination skills will grant Bobby Simha considerable amount of success in Bobby Simha's respective subjects. On the other hand, Bobby Simha should try to boost Bobby Simha's concentration power so that Bobby Simha do not fleet in the world of imagination while studying. If Bobby Simha work hard enough, no power in this universe can stop Bobby Simha from being successful.

Bobby Simha's Life Style horoscope

Bobby Simha's friends serve as motivational factors in Bobby Simha's life. Bobby Simha need their support and encouragement. Bobby Simha can thus achieve Bobby Simha's goals by directing Bobby Simha'sself in areas where Bobby Simha's friends see Bobby Simha's progress.

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