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About Boris Becker-1 / Boris Becker-1 Biography

Boris Becker-1 Horoscope and Astrology

Boris Becker-1

Date of Birth:

Nov 22, 1967

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:

27 E 19, 57 E 37


27 E 19


57 N 37

Time Zone:


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About Boris Becker-1/ Who is Boris Becker-1

Boris Franz Becker is a former World No. 1 professional tennis player from Germany. He is a six-time Grand Slam singles champion, an Olympic gold medalist in doubles, and the youngest-ever winner of the men's singles title at Wimbledon at the age of 17.

What year was Boris Becker-1 born?

Year 1967

What is Boris Becker-1's birth date?

His birthday is on Wednesday, November 22, 1967.

Where was Boris Becker-1 born?

27 E 19, 57 E 37

How old is Boris Becker-1 ?

Boris Becker-1 is 55 years old.

When was Boris Becker-1 born?

Wednesday, November 22, 1967

What is the nationality of Boris Becker-1?

This data is not available.

Boris Becker-1's Character horoscope

Boris Becker-1 are an energetic person, never satisfied unless Boris Becker-1 are up and doing. Boris Becker-1 are strong in mind and strong in body and full of enthusiasm for the work in hand. Boris Becker-1 have unlimited courage, and all these qualities combined tend to make Boris Becker-1's life varied. Boris Becker-1 are not going to stay at one thing just because Boris Becker-1 have set out in that direction. Boris Becker-1 will change Boris Becker-1's job, Boris Becker-1's friends, Boris Becker-1's hobbies or anything whatsoever provided Boris Becker-1 think the change is for better. Unfortunately for Boris Becker-1, Boris Becker-1 will not always count up the pros and cons of the change as carefully as Boris Becker-1 should and this impulsiveness may often lead Boris Becker-1 into difficulties. Still Boris Becker-1 have a courage, Boris Becker-1 are a born fighter and are endowed with plenty of enterprise. All of which will enable Boris Becker-1 to succeed in the end.It is unlikely that Boris Becker-1 will amass great wealth but money is only useful for the happiness it can bring and of happiness Boris Becker-1 will have Boris Becker-1's full shape and more.There are many reasons for thinking that Boris Becker-1 will move from place to place a good deal and probably Boris Becker-1 will see much of the world. If a man, Boris Becker-1 are likely to take up posts in various parts of the country, and, if a woman, it would not be surprising if Boris Becker-1 called upon to travel because of the requirements of Boris Becker-1's partner's business or profession.We would suggest that Boris Becker-1 should endeavor to cultivate the quality of patience, and that Boris Becker-1 reason out the cost more thoroughly before embarking upon some fresh enterprise. There are little points but they help to mar Boris Becker-1's success. Moreover, avoid being a rolling stone (avoid changes) especially after the age of 35.

Boris Becker-1's Happiness and Fulfillment horoscope

Boris Becker-1 are a person who live in fantasy. Hypersensitive, many of Boris Becker-1 have inferiority complexes, feeling slighted by taking the most unrelated incident as personal insult. It is important that Boris Becker-1 do not indulge in drugs or alcohol, for this adds to Boris Becker-1's unclarity. Boris Becker-1 be honest with Boris Becker-1'sself and others, and attempt to be as realistic as possible, for Boris Becker-1 tend toward escapism. Music, colours and nature are very positive in smoothing Boris Becker-1's overly sensitive being.Boris Becker-1 are a sensible person by nature, which will also help Boris Becker-1 to handle various situations in life. Boris Becker-1 are likely to experience obstacles in Boris Becker-1's studies but will face each and every situation without succumbing to fear. Boris Becker-1's urge to acquire more and more knowledge will help Boris Becker-1 climb the ladder of success. In the initial phase of Boris Becker-1's life, Boris Becker-1 may encounter certain difficulties, but Boris Becker-1 will prove to be lucky in Boris Becker-1's studies solely because of Boris Becker-1's concentration skills. Sometimes, Boris Becker-1 may find it difficult to remember certain things, but thinking hard during such time can make everything crystal clear. This aspect of Boris Becker-1's character will help Boris Becker-1 to succeed in the realm of Boris Becker-1's studies.

Boris Becker-1's Life Style horoscope

Boris Becker-1 love to communicate, and Boris Becker-1 are much better motivated to do a good job when others are watching. If Boris Becker-1 are on stage, Boris Becker-1 would to a much better job with a large audience than with a small one.

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