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About C G Rajan / C G Rajan Biography

C G Rajan Horoscope and Astrology

C G Rajan

Date of Birth:

Jul 5, 1894

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



80 E 18


13 N 5

Time Zone:


Information Source:

Kundli Sangraha (Tendulkar)

AstroSage Rating:

Accurate (A)

About C G Rajan/ Who is C G Rajan

C G Rajan was an Indian astrologer.

What year was C G Rajan born?

Year 1894

What is C G Rajan's birth date?

His birthday is on Thursday, July 5, 1894.

Where was C G Rajan born?


How old is C G Rajan ?

C G Rajan is 128 years old.

When was C G Rajan born?

Thursday, July 5, 1894

What is the nationality of C G Rajan?

This data is not available.

C G Rajan's Character horoscope

C G Rajan are something of an enigma. The only person who really know C G Rajan is C G Rajan'sself. C G Rajan have the power of acting a part in life that is totally different from C G Rajan's true self.C G Rajan possess considerable magnetic power and C G Rajan can use it for good or for ill. How C G Rajan do use it depends entirely on C G Rajan's own desires. Fortunately, C G Rajan are usually able to control C G Rajan's actions for good and the result is that C G Rajan's magnetic power sheds a beneficial influence on others.C G Rajan are large in mind and large in heart. C G Rajan are ready to help others. C G Rajan know the value of happiness and know how to obtain it but C G Rajan will never get happiness at other's cost. In fact, C G Rajan devote C G Rajan's energies towards securing happiness for others.C G Rajan are sympathetic, hard-working, generous and friendly but are quick to be aroused. When C G Rajan become angry, C G Rajan lose all control and make assertions for which C G Rajan will be sorry later on. So, try to have better self-control.

C G Rajan's Happiness and Fulfillment horoscope

C G Rajan have the ability to seeing through anything or anyone, so it is very difficult to hide anything from C G Rajan. This clarity of insight assists in the overcoming of opposition and the achievement of satisfaction. C G Rajan have a quick grasp of any situation and the ability to solve any problem, for C G Rajan go directly to the point.C G Rajan stick to C G Rajan's aim and do not feel pressured easily. C G Rajan will be renowned as a great intellectual in the society because of the knowledge and education C G Rajan have pursued. Even if C G Rajan renounce the other aspects of life, C G Rajan should not abandon C G Rajan's knowledge. This priority will keep C G Rajan ahead of others in life. C G Rajan will receive the guidance of many learned people which will benefit C G Rajan's studies. The knowledge C G Rajan have acquired is an innate talent, which is why C G Rajan should try to imbibe some of it in C G Rajan's personal life in the process of becoming a better human being. The urge to acquire knowledge will keep C G Rajan at the top and C G Rajan will be listed among great intellectuals. Sometimes, C G Rajan's education can remain at stake because of C G Rajan's independent attitude, which is why C G Rajan should try to reform this aspect of C G Rajan's personality.

C G Rajan's Life Style horoscope

C G Rajan love to communicate, and C G Rajan are much better motivated to do a good job when others are watching. If C G Rajan are on stage, C G Rajan would to a much better job with a large audience than with a small one.