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About Erin Gray / Erin Gray Biography

Erin Gray Horoscope and Astrology

Erin Gray

Date of Birth:

Jan 7, 1950

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:

157 W 52, 21 N 19


157 W 52


21 N 19

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About Erin Gray/ Who is Erin Gray

Erin Gray is an American actress, perhaps best known for her roles as Kate Summers in the situation comedy Silver Spoons and as Colonel Wilma Deering in the science fiction television series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

What year was Erin Gray born?

Year 1950

What is Erin Gray's birth date?

His birthday is on Saturday, January 7, 1950.

Where was Erin Gray born?

157 W 52, 21 N 19

How old is Erin Gray ?

Erin Gray is 71 years old.

When was Erin Gray born?

Saturday, January 7, 1950

What is the nationality of Erin Gray?

This data is not available.

Erin Gray's Character horoscope

Erin Gray are a lover of all that is beautiful, whether it is a work of art, a pleasant landscape or a person of good appearance. Not only do Erin Gray value beauty as measured by the eye, but Erin Gray are attracted also by beauty in other forms. Good music appeals to Erin Gray, a good character possessed by an individual appeals to Erin Gray. Erin Gray are a connoisseur of everything that is above ordinary.Erin Gray have a gift for making other people happy. Erin Gray know how to comfort those who are troubled and Erin Gray know how to make them pleased with themselves. This is a rare gift and there are not enough people like Erin Gray in the world.Erin Gray are not as practical as some people, and in keeping appointments, Erin Gray are not too punctual.Erin Gray are somewhat over-sensitive and there are times when Erin Gray are put out needlessly. But Erin Gray's displeasure does not show itself in the form of a squabble. Disharmony is a thing Erin Gray avoid at all costs. May be, Erin Gray nurse a grievance, but this is something that others are never allowed to sense. Erin Gray keep it strictly to Erin Gray'sself.

Erin Gray's Happiness and Fulfillment horoscope

Erin Gray are idealistic and inspiring to others, for Erin Gray have inherent spiritual faith. Extremely sensitive, Erin Gray are well liked - Erin Gray rarely hurt others' feeling. Erin Gray's happiness comes from the realisation that the difficulties of life are the lessons that Erin Gray have to learn to become a complete individual.Erin Gray have the habit of keeping grave secrets, which will help Erin Gray in getting hold of extraordinary subjects which won’t be the cup of tea for many. On the other hand, Erin Gray may face adverse circumstances in Erin Gray's formal education. Erin Gray can overcome these challenges if Erin Gray work hard with complete dedication. Erin Gray should pay attention towards Erin Gray's studies and perform Erin Gray's revisions regularly. This should be done so that Erin Gray can imbibe all the knowledge Erin Gray have acquired. Select Erin Gray's company wisely as negative companionship can cause hurdles in Erin Gray's studies. Situations may turn against Erin Gray sometimes, but Erin Gray should take the initiative and not let Erin Gray's educational life fall apart.

Erin Gray's Life Style horoscope

Erin Gray are concerned about how others will regard Erin Gray intellectually and are motivated to direct Erin Gray's efforts toward education before any other areas.