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About Hardik Patel / Hardik Patel Biography

Hardik Patel Horoscope and Astrology

Hardik Patel

Date of Birth:

Jul 20, 1993

Time of Birth:


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72 E 40


23 N 3

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About Hardik Patel/ Who is Hardik Patel

Hardik Patel born on July 20, 1993 in Gujarat is an Indian social and political activist who raised and led the Patidar reservation in the OBC matter to the national level.

What year was Hardik Patel born?

Year 1993

What is Hardik Patel's birth date?

His birthday is on Tuesday, July 20, 1993.

Where was Hardik Patel born?


How old is Hardik Patel ?

Hardik Patel is 28 years old.

When was Hardik Patel born?

Tuesday, July 20, 1993

What is the nationality of Hardik Patel?

This data is not available.

Hardik Patel's Character horoscope

Hardik Patel started out Hardik Patel's life under favourable circumstances, It might be said that Hardik Patel were born with a silver spoon in Hardik Patel's mouth. Hardik Patel's memory is unusually good and Hardik Patel never forget a kindness. Hardik Patel are generous even to excess. Hardik Patel have a methodical nature, which is reflected in Hardik Patel's work, Hardik Patel's dress and Hardik Patel's particular place of abode.Hardik Patel are personally attractive, graceful and refined. Hardik Patel are large-hearted and large-minded. Hardik Patel are considerate when things go awry. Hardik Patel are forceful in character.Hardik Patel are a born leader but Hardik Patel are too modest to parade this quality. Hardik Patel think in big things, and act in big things and Hardik Patel cannot be bothered with niggling details.Hardik Patel's ambitions are exalted and Hardik Patel set Hardik Patel'sself a very high goal to aim at. Often, Hardik Patel fall short of the mark, as is bound to happen, but what Hardik Patel do achieve is above the average.

Hardik Patel's Happiness and Fulfillment horoscope

Hardik Patel are brave and ambitious. Unafraid to take chances and enact their plans, Hardik Patel are extremely active individual who stimulates others into action. A busy person who is always doing something constructively, Hardik Patel rarely misuse energy. If what Hardik Patel are doing with Hardik Patel's life is unfulfilling, Hardik Patel are unafraid to change it.Hardik Patel's way of attaining knowledge is different from others, which makes Hardik Patel's path of education quite smooth. Hardik Patel do not hold onto things for a long time and welcome new changes in life. This special trait of Hardik Patel's character helps Hardik Patel in gaining mastery over more than one subject. Many times, Hardik Patel maintain a delusional attitude towards Hardik Patel's studies because of Hardik Patel's emotional turmoil. Hardik Patel should not give birth to such situations as it can block Hardik Patel's path of attaining education. Hardik Patel will receive a considerable amount of support from Hardik Patel's teachers and they will not take a backseat in providing Hardik Patel guidance. Hardik Patel's bond with Hardik Patel's teacher will get nurtured and Hardik Patel will lead a successful life. As Hardik Patel are quite industrious, Hardik Patel will devote Hardik Patel's time in subjects where Hardik Patel lag behind and earn Hardik Patel's expertise over this particular subject also.

Hardik Patel's Life Style horoscope

Children will give Hardik Patel tremendous motivation to set goals and accomplish them. Hardik Patel feel a responsibility to them and must not let them down. Use this motivating factor to its fullest, but be sure that Hardik Patel's are doing what Hardik Patel want to do and not directing Hardik Patel's efforts in an area which Hardik Patel do not like just because of Hardik Patel's sense of responsibility.