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About K K Pathak / K K Pathak Biography

K K Pathak Horoscope and Astrology

K K Pathak

Date of Birth:

Jun 28, 1933

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



84 E 21


26 N 14

Time Zone:


Information Source:

Kundli Sangraha (Bhat)

AstroSage Rating:

Accurate (A)

About K K Pathak/ Who is K K Pathak

K K Pathak was a Author.

What year was K K Pathak born?

Year 1933

What is K K Pathak's birth date?

His birthday is on Wednesday, June 28, 1933.

Where was K K Pathak born?


How old is K K Pathak ?

K K Pathak is 89 years old.

When was K K Pathak born?

Wednesday, June 28, 1933

What is the nationality of K K Pathak?

This data is not available.

K K Pathak's Character horoscope

K K Pathak think out things that are original in character. These may take widely diverse forms. K K Pathak might invent some very ingenious contrivance or evolve a new method. Whatever it is, the world will be taken a step forward on K K Pathak's account.There is no doubt that K K Pathak set great score on honesty, using the term in its widest sense. K K Pathak require K K Pathak's friends to be honest in purpose, honest in speech, as well as in money affairs.K K Pathak's greatest weakness lies in the way K K Pathak treat others. K K Pathak cannot tolerate inefficiency and K K Pathak are apt to consider those who do not see eye to eye with K K Pathak as being hopelessly beneath contempt. It would not be difficult for K K Pathak to cultivate a more charitable and tolerant view towards those who are likely to earn K K Pathak's disapproval. At any rate, it is well worth trying.K K Pathak are a person of considerable action. K K Pathak are never still. K K Pathak are always making plans and the thing K K Pathak can least tolerate is inactivity. K K Pathak have much self will, and the spirit of independence is firmly planted in K K Pathak. K K Pathak resent the interference of others, perhaps more than K K Pathak should, and freedom is a quality K K Pathak prize very highly- freedom not only of action but also of thought.

K K Pathak's Happiness and Fulfillment horoscope

K K Pathak are a person who live in fantasy. Hypersensitive, many of K K Pathak have inferiority complexes, feeling slighted by taking the most unrelated incident as personal insult. It is important that K K Pathak do not indulge in drugs or alcohol, for this adds to K K Pathak's unclarity. K K Pathak be honest with K K Pathak'sself and others, and attempt to be as realistic as possible, for K K Pathak tend toward escapism. Music, colours and nature are very positive in smoothing K K Pathak's overly sensitive being.K K Pathak are a sensible person by nature, which will also help K K Pathak to handle various situations in life. K K Pathak are likely to experience obstacles in K K Pathak's studies but will face each and every situation without succumbing to fear. K K Pathak's urge to acquire more and more knowledge will help K K Pathak climb the ladder of success. In the initial phase of K K Pathak's life, K K Pathak may encounter certain difficulties, but K K Pathak will prove to be lucky in K K Pathak's studies solely because of K K Pathak's concentration skills. Sometimes, K K Pathak may find it difficult to remember certain things, but thinking hard during such time can make everything crystal clear. This aspect of K K Pathak's character will help K K Pathak to succeed in the realm of K K Pathak's studies.

K K Pathak's Life Style horoscope

K K Pathak are more inward than most. If K K Pathak were to appear in front of a large group of people, K K Pathak would suffer from stage phobia. K K Pathak are best motivated when K K Pathak are alone to do whatever K K Pathak want to do, and at K K Pathak's own pace.

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