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About Michel Bernard / Michel Bernard Biography

Michel Bernard Horoscope and Astrology

Michel Bernard

Date of Birth:

Dec 31, 1931

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:

3 E 33, 50 N 17


3 E 33


50 N 17

Time Zone:


Information Source:


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About Michel Bernard/ Who is Michel Bernard

Michel Bernard is a French Field and Track champion, the winner of the 5,000 m. race at Rome, and the 1,500 m. race at Tokyo, 1964.

What year was Michel Bernard born?

Year 1931

What is Michel Bernard's birth date?

His birthday is on Thursday, December 31, 1932.

Where was Michel Bernard born?

3 E 33, 50 N 17

How old is Michel Bernard ?

Michel Bernard is 93 years old.

When was Michel Bernard born?

Thursday, December 31, 1932

What is the nationality of Michel Bernard?

This data is not available.

Michel Bernard's Character horoscope

Michel Bernard are a sensitive and emotional person. The hard knocks of this world have more effects on Michel Bernard than they have on most other people, and Michel Bernard lose some of the enjoyment of life in consequence. What other people say and think of Michel Bernard is taken by Michel Bernard to heart. Thus, there are a certain number of things which cause Michel Bernard unhappiness which, after all, are not worth troubling about.Michel Bernard's manner is quiet, as a rule, and this quality gives Michel Bernard the appearance of being strong and determined in the eyes of Michel Bernard's fellow-men and women. It enables Michel Bernard to get Michel Bernard's own way when Michel Bernard want it.Michel Bernard do not say as much as Michel Bernard think and while Michel Bernard are thinking, Michel Bernard are reasoning. It follows that Michel Bernard's judgement is worth having and people will flock to Michel Bernard for advice.Michel Bernard have several excellent qualities. Michel Bernard are highly sympathetic, which makes Michel Bernard a good friend. Michel Bernard are loyal and patriotic and are thus a first class citizen. Michel Bernard are, or would be a most lovable parent. Michel Bernard are, or would be, everything that Michel Bernard's partner could desire. Clearly, the good qualities of Michel Bernard'ss far outweigh the others.

Michel Bernard's Happiness and Fulfillment horoscope

Michel Bernard have the ability to truly enjoy Michel Bernard'sself in the company of others. Quite cheerful and pleasant, Michel Bernard are not afraid to laugh and usually have an excellent sense of humor. Michel Bernard's mind is influenced strongly by beauty, and Michel Bernard may bring it prominently into Michel Bernard's environment. Anyone who can bring beauty into his or her surroundings is more prone to happiness.Michel Bernard will be known for Michel Bernard's exceptional speaking skills and Michel Bernard's communication skills will help Michel Bernard shine amongst Michel Bernard's peers for a long time. Michel Bernard will become smart and Michel Bernard's memory will become sharp, due to which Michel Bernard will be able to remember anything easily for a long time. This special aspect of Michel Bernard's personality will help Michel Bernard achieve success in Michel Bernard's studies. Michel Bernard will also develop an interest in learning various things about religious scriptures. Michel Bernard will prove Michel Bernard's excellence by spreading dominance over subjects like Mathematics, Statistics and Logic. Michel Bernard are gifted the virtue of analyzing things in a detailed manner which can very soon turn into a vice. To prevent things from falling apart, Michel Bernard should work on Michel Bernard's concentration skills in order to become the topper in Michel Bernard's respective field.

Michel Bernard's Life Style horoscope

Michel Bernard are more inward than most. If Michel Bernard were to appear in front of a large group of people, Michel Bernard would suffer from stage phobia. Michel Bernard are best motivated when Michel Bernard are alone to do whatever Michel Bernard want to do, and at Michel Bernard's own pace.

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