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About P. A. Sangma / P. A. Sangma Biography

P. A. Sangma Horoscope and Astrology

P. A. Sangma

Date of Birth:

Sep 1, 1947

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:

Caro Hills


90 E 7


25 N 34

Time Zone:


Information Source:

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About P. A. Sangma/ Who is P. A. Sangma

Purno Agitok Sangma is an Indian politician who was Speaker of Lok Sabha from 1996 to 1998 and Chief Minister of Meghalaya from 1988 to 1990. He was a co-founder of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and remained a member of the Lok Sabha for eight terms, i.e. 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th Lok Sabha.

What year was P. A. Sangma born?

Year 1947

What is P. A. Sangma's birth date?

His birthday is on Monday, September 1, 1947.

Where was P. A. Sangma born?

Caro Hills

How old is P. A. Sangma ?

P. A. Sangma is 76 years old.

When was P. A. Sangma born?

Monday, September 1, 1947

What is the nationality of P. A. Sangma?

This data is not available.

P. A. Sangma's Character horoscope

P. A. Sangma are a lover of all that is beautiful, whether it is a work of art, a pleasant landscape or a person of good appearance. Not only do P. A. Sangma value beauty as measured by the eye, but P. A. Sangma are attracted also by beauty in other forms. Good music appeals to P. A. Sangma, a good character possessed by an individual appeals to P. A. Sangma. P. A. Sangma are a connoisseur of everything that is above ordinary.P. A. Sangma have a gift for making other people happy. P. A. Sangma know how to comfort those who are troubled and P. A. Sangma know how to make them pleased with themselves. This is a rare gift and there are not enough people like P. A. Sangma in the world.P. A. Sangma are not as practical as some people, and in keeping appointments, P. A. Sangma are not too punctual.P. A. Sangma are somewhat over-sensitive and there are times when P. A. Sangma are put out needlessly. But P. A. Sangma's displeasure does not show itself in the form of a squabble. Disharmony is a thing P. A. Sangma avoid at all costs. May be, P. A. Sangma nurse a grievance, but this is something that others are never allowed to sense. P. A. Sangma keep it strictly to P. A. Sangma'sself.

P. A. Sangma's Happiness and Fulfillment horoscope

P. A. Sangma are a courageous person. P. A. Sangma are so impulsive, there is no time to worry or fear P. A. Sangma's actions. P. A. Sangma have periodic flashes of such insight that P. A. Sangma's intuition borders on genius. Many seek P. A. Sangma's company, for there is much excitement about P. A. Sangma. An excellent character reader, P. A. Sangma are often attracted to the occult, which gives P. A. Sangma a deeper understanding of life. P. A. Sangma's remarkable vision enables P. A. Sangma to forge ahead and be successful in understanding any difficulties that are preventing P. A. Sangma's growth.P. A. Sangma have the habit of being naturally intuitive. P. A. Sangma grasp things quite easily and swiftly and also manage to create P. A. Sangma's opinion about them. This speciality of P. A. Sangma'ss can take P. A. Sangma to the top. Because of P. A. Sangma's philosophies regarding life, P. A. Sangma can candidly live P. A. Sangma's life and center P. A. Sangma's focus to the necessary aspects. This is why P. A. Sangma have profound knowledge of more than one subject and P. A. Sangma will be interested in subjects which are associated with law and business. P. A. Sangma have captive powers, which will help P. A. Sangma in understanding the smallest of things and this will be applicable on P. A. Sangma's studies also. P. A. Sangma would like to observe rules and regulations while studying and may also find P. A. Sangma's name amongst great intellectuals.

P. A. Sangma's Life Style horoscope

P. A. Sangma are more inward than most. If P. A. Sangma were to appear in front of a large group of people, P. A. Sangma would suffer from stage phobia. P. A. Sangma are best motivated when P. A. Sangma are alone to do whatever P. A. Sangma want to do, and at P. A. Sangma's own pace.

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