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Andrew Luck 2023 Horoscope

Andrew Luck Horoscope and Astrology

Andrew Luck

Date of Birth:

Sep 12, 1989

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:

Washington D.C.


77 W 2


38 N 54

Time Zone:


Information Source:


AstroSage Rating:

Reference (R)

Love Matters Horoscope

In love matters, Andrew Luck are just as vigorous as Andrew Luck are in work and play. Once Andrew Luck fall in love, Andrew Luck want to be in the company of Andrew Luck's intended-one every available minute of the time. Andrew Luck are too wise to neglect Andrew Luck's work. But, once the work is accomplished Andrew Luck will hurry off to trysting-place to keep the appointment. When marriage is an accomplished fact, Andrew Luck will want to rule the home. The ruling will not be done, necessarily in an aggressive manner, it will certainly be efficient. If Andrew Luck are a woman, Andrew Luck often help Andrew Luck's husband in his business affairs and this Andrew Luck perform with marked efficiency.

Andrew Luck's Health Horoscope

It would be misleading to say that Andrew Luck are robust. Nevertheless, there is no reason why Andrew Luck should not live to an advanced age, with care. There are two things to watch over : they are indigestion and rheumatism. Regarding Andrew Luck's indigestion, be careful not to hurry over Andrew Luck's meals, and eat them in peaceful surroundings. In addition, see that Andrew Luck take them at regular hours. As regards rheumatism, this need not concern Andrew Luck much as long as Andrew Luck guard against damp air, cold winds, wet feet and so on.

Andrew Luck's Hobbies Horoscope

Andrew Luck's leisure moments must be spent in a manner fitting to Andrew Luck's temperament. Seeing that Andrew Luck value refinement and comforts, Andrew Luck do not care for rough or strenuous games. Andrew Luck like the company of others and Andrew Luck seek the bright-spots of life. Card-playing, probably, tempts Andrew Luck, but it has no attractions unless money stakes are involved. And, here, it may be well to warn Andrew Luck against gambling. If allowed, it might take a strong hold on Andrew Luck.

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