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Juhi Chawla-1 2022 Horoscope

Juhi Chawla-1 Horoscope and Astrology

Juhi Chawla-1

Date of Birth:

Nov 13, 1967

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



75 E 52


30 N 56

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Juhi Chawla-1's Career Horoscope

Since Juhi Chawla-1 like to unite both sides of an argument, law and justice would be good fields for Juhi Chawla-1. Juhi Chawla-1 could also do well as labour mediator and any other positions in industry where Juhi Chawla-1 are called upon to create and maintain peace and harmony. Try to stay clear of profession which require instant and constant decision, because Juhi Chawla-1 find difficulty in making them quickly.

Juhi Chawla-1's Occupation Horoscope

Juhi Chawla-1 have, above all, a facility for putting thoughts into eloquent words. Thus, Juhi Chawla-1 would do admirably as a journalist, a lecturer or even as a traveller salesman. Never would Juhi Chawla-1 be at a loss for something to say. This quality would fit Juhi Chawla-1 for a teacher also. But, when Juhi Chawla-1's impatient moods overtake Juhi Chawla-1, Juhi Chawla-1 would fare badly. In almost any occupation requiring quick thinking, Juhi Chawla-1 will succeed very well. But, it must not be monotonous work or Juhi Chawla-1 will prove an utter failure. Juhi Chawla-1 like change and variety, so that any job which takes Juhi Chawla-1 up and down the country or to some far-flung outpost, will be suitable for Juhi Chawla-1. Juhi Chawla-1 will fare better as Juhi Chawla-1's own master than when working for somebody else. Juhi Chawla-1 want to come and go when Juhi Chawla-1 like and, to be able to do this, Juhi Chawla-1 must be Juhi Chawla-1's own master.

Juhi Chawla-1's Finance Horoscope

The question of finance will be a very peculiar one for Juhi Chawla-1. There will always be a likelihood of considerable uncertainty and fluctuation in money matters, but Juhi Chawla-1 will, at times make large sums of money by Juhi Chawla-1's inventive ideas. Juhi Chawla-1 will be inclined to live in a land of dreams and illusions and meet many disappointments. Juhi Chawla-1 should avoid all speculations and gambling of every kind. In money matters for Juhi Chawla-1, the unexpected is more likely to happen than the expected. Original ideas and plans will be born in Juhi Chawla-1's mind not inclined to fit in with other people's views. Juhi Chawla-1 will make money by unusual methods, Juhi Chawla-1 could become an inventor or an unconventional professional. In many ways, in inventions or businesses connected with risk or chance, Juhi Chawla-1 will be lucky. Juhi Chawla-1 will have clever original ideas as to how things should be done but as Juhi Chawla-1 are not likely to get on easily with partners, Juhi Chawla-1 are liable to see many of Juhi Chawla-1's excellent plans come to nothing.