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Kamal Haasan 2022 Horoscope

Kamal Haasan Horoscope and Astrology

Kamal Haasan

Date of Birth:

Nov 7, 1954

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



78 E 36


9 N 33

Time Zone:


Information Source:

Kundli Sangraha (Tendulkar)

AstroSage Rating:

Accurate (A)

Love Matters Horoscope

Kamal Haasan are sociable and look upon a wide circle of friends as the correct state for happiness. From among these friends, Kamal Haasan will single out one who means everything to Kamal Haasan and that one Kamal Haasan will marry, if Kamal Haasan have not already done so. Kamal Haasan's nature is full of sympathy. Consequently, there is every reason for affirming that Kamal Haasan's married life will be a happy one. Kamal Haasan are the sort that thinks a great deal of Kamal Haasan's home and its contents, and Kamal Haasan expect it to be a comfortable, well-kept place. Disorder in the house is likely to grate on Kamal Haasan's susceptibilites. Kamal Haasan's children will mean a great deal to Kamal Haasan. Kamal Haasan will work for them and give them the utmost in education and enjoyment, and what Kamal Haasan lavish on them will not be wasted.

Kamal Haasan's Health Horoscope

It would be misleading to say that Kamal Haasan are robust. Nevertheless, there is no reason why Kamal Haasan should not live to an advanced age, with care. There are two things to watch over : they are indigestion and rheumatism. Regarding Kamal Haasan's indigestion, be careful not to hurry over Kamal Haasan's meals, and eat them in peaceful surroundings. In addition, see that Kamal Haasan take them at regular hours. As regards rheumatism, this need not concern Kamal Haasan much as long as Kamal Haasan guard against damp air, cold winds, wet feet and so on.

Kamal Haasan's Hobbies Horoscope

Kamal Haasan are exceptionally good with Kamal Haasan's hands. As a man, Kamal Haasan can make things for the home and take a delight in mending the toys of Kamal Haasan's children. As a woman, Kamal Haasan's are expert needle worker, painter, cook etc. and prefer to make the children's clothes rather than buy them.