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Kapil Dev-1 2022 Horoscope

Kapil Dev-1 Horoscope and Astrology

Kapil Dev-1

Date of Birth:

Jan 6, 1959

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



76 E 47


30 N 43

Time Zone:


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Kapil Dev-1's Career Horoscope

Kapil Dev-1 are authoritative and stubborn in Kapil Dev-1's business life. Kapil Dev-1 must be the leader than the follower. Try to look at problems objectively, and do not make decisions just because Kapil Dev-1's are obstinate, as this could be Kapil Dev-1's biggest bottleneck to achieving job happiness and success.

Kapil Dev-1's Occupation Horoscope

Almost any work that requires steady, intelligent plodding will give Kapil Dev-1 satisfaction, especially in middle life or later. Kapil Dev-1's judgement is sound and Kapil Dev-1 are thorough in all Kapil Dev-1 do. Kapil Dev-1 want to be left in peace and quiet to get on with Kapil Dev-1's duties. Kapil Dev-1 resent being hurried. Kapil Dev-1's methodical nature fits Kapil Dev-1 or being placed in authority over others and, as Kapil Dev-1 are placid and not fiery-tempered, Kapil Dev-1 will secure the loyalty of those Kapil Dev-1 have to direct. Kapil Dev-1 possess a head for finance, which suggest that Kapil Dev-1 would do well in the banking word, in the office of a finance company or a stock-broker. But most office work should suit to Kapil Dev-1's temperament.

Kapil Dev-1's Finance Horoscope

In financial matters, Kapil Dev-1 would have weight and authority. Kapil Dev-1 will be successful in carrying out Kapil Dev-1's plans if not hampered by partners. So, as far as possible, avoid partnership businesses. Kapil Dev-1 have to work very hard against many disadvantages during Kapil Dev-1's early years. In spite of this, Kapil Dev-1 may expect to gain a considerable amount of financial success, also position and prominence due to Kapil Dev-1's own superior mentality, not dependent on what is called luck or chance. It would be best for Kapil Dev-1 to work out Kapil Dev-1's plans alone. Kapil Dev-1 are likely at times to strike some odd inventions that will be lucky for Kapil Dev-1, and Kapil Dev-1 will be liable to make money in peculiar way off the beaten tract.