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Mika Singh 2024 Horoscope

Mika Singh Horoscope and Astrology

Mika Singh

Date of Birth:

Jun 10, 1977

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



87 E 44


24 N 47

Time Zone:


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Dirty Data (DD)

Year 2024 Summary Horoscope

Mika Singh may get indulge into sudden losses financially. Failure in attempts will make Mika Singh feel frustrated. Mika Singh will have to slog as the work burden will be too much. There is displacement, transfer and trouble in foreign lands. There are chances of falling into bad companies so, better aware of that. Mika Singh's health will be weak and Mika Singh will be caught by many diseases. Mika Singh's social reputation can also be hampered. There will be disputes with good people in the society.

Jun 10, 2024 - Jul 01, 2024

A phase of confusion in strategy & misunderstandings with business partners or associates is possible. Major expansion & long term plans should be put on hold. Focus should be on gains from existing sources, throughout the period. It is better to avoid travel as far as possible. Mika Singh's enemies will put their best efforts to harm Mika Singh. Even Mika Singh should be careful about Mika Singh's friends as there are indications of cheating. Take good care of Mika Singh'sself as it may become the reason of anxiety. Health requires special attention as there are possibilities of chonic diseases. Try to be practical in this period. As a matter off act Mika Singh will be inclined towards unproductive pursuits. Loss of money is on the cards. There can be disputes with the characterless persons.

Jul 01, 2024 - Aug 31, 2024

A visit to a holy place of Mika Singh's interest is on the charts. Mika Singh will, however, have a romantic and charismatic attitude, and this will help Mika Singh maintain cordial relations with the ones Mika Singh know and establish contacts with the ones Mika Singh don't. There is certain amount of wish fulfillment which generally means gains in dealings or promotions in the hierarchy of the organization Mika Singh work for. Acqusition of a new vehicle or buying new land is on the cards. Overall, the period is very good.

Aug 31, 2024 - Sep 18, 2024

This is a mixed period for Mika Singh. Mika Singh can attract some influential people who will be ready to assist Mika Singh in realizing Mika Singh's projects and plans. Mika Singh will not wait long to receive a fair compensation for Mika Singh's hard work. There may be problems and distress due to siblings. Mika Singh should pay attention to Mika Singh's parent's health as there are some signs of their ill health. There is probability of visiting places of religious importance. This is also an excellent year as far as money matters are concerned.

Sep 18, 2024 - Oct 19, 2024

This is a period of financial stability for Mika Singh. During this period Mika Singh can work over Mika Singh's hopes and ambitions and give them a better shape. This is a favorable time for love and romance. Mika Singh will develop new friendship which will be very rewarding and helpful. Mika Singh will enjoy respect and honor from learned people and will be quite popular with the opposite sex. Long distance travel is also indicated.

Oct 19, 2024 - Nov 09, 2024

Mika Singh should learn to relax to avoid unnecessary mental stress when things seem to be stagnating at the professional front. Resist the urge to change jobs on an impulse driven by feelings of disappointment or frustration. This is also a period which can create troubles or messy situations due to carelessness or negligence creating worries and unnecessary troubles. Health requires immediate attention as injuries and accidents and on the card. There will be disturbance in the family life and also Mika Singh should be careful of the sex diseases.

Nov 09, 2024 - Jan 03, 2025

Though Mika Singh will try a lot to maintain good relation with Mika Singh's partners or associates but all in ruin. Growth & new areas might not come as easily. This period will begin with challenges and difficulties. There could be controversy & unnecessary aggression. Sudden losses are also possible. Health problems might disturb Mika Singh. Mika Singh may have to be involved in unprofitable deeds. Try to develop resistance towards odds. A tendency of taking risk should be curbed and all kinds of speculations must be avoided.

Jan 03, 2025 - Feb 21, 2025

This period is surely going to bring all the authority. A foreign connection will serve Mika Singh well for a considerable duration, and they might just be the source of the extra unexpected income on the cards for Mika Singh and power that Mika Singh strive for. Keep up the tempo and believe in Mika Singh's abilities, the year will see Mika Singh off in a completely new position. Family atmosphere will be very supporting. A long distance travel will be rewarding. Mika Singh will take interest in religion and perform charitable deeds.

Feb 21, 2025 - Apr 19, 2025

The great energy Mika Singh radiate will definitely attract lots of supportive people in Mika Singh's life. Mika Singh's rivals will not dare to face Mika Singh. Financially' it is a wonderful period for Mika Singh. Mika Singh are learning new ways of maintaining harmony in Mika Singh's individuality at work and around friends and family. Mika Singh will reap great rewards as Mika Singh learn to expand Mika Singh's communication skills and be true to Mika Singh's inner self and Mika Singh's own personal needs. Mika Singh's service/job conditions will definitely improve. Mika Singh will get all kind of support from Mika Singh's coworkers and subordinates. Mika Singh may purchase some land or machinery in this period. Little care regarding Mika Singh's health is required.

Apr 19, 2025 - Jun 10, 2025

This is a very good period coming after a period of difficulties and hardships and at last Mika Singh can relax and enjoy the Success and the results of the hard work Mika Singh had been doing for a long time. Mika Singh's financial luck will be excellent provided Mika Singh avoid dubious speculative activities. Travels can bring Mika Singh into contact with compatible partners or new friends. Mika Singh will befriend with political dignitaries or higher officials. Mika Singh will see birth of a son during this period.

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