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Monica Seles 2021 Horoscope

Monica Seles Horoscope and Astrology

Monica Seles

Date of Birth:

Dec 12, 1973

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:

Novi Sad Serbia


19 E 50


45 N 16

Time Zone:


Information Source:

Lagna Phal (Garg)

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Reference (R)

Year 2021 Summary Horoscope

The position of Muntha is very favorable to Monica Seles. Just let go and enjoy the happiness that comes Monica Seles's way. At last Monica Seles can relax and enjoy the success and the results of the hard work Monica Seles had been doing for a long time. This period will also bring Monica Seles in the midst of famous people. Gain from foreign lands will build Monica Seles's status. Gains from superiors and higher authorities are also indicated. Monica Seles will get happiness from the life partner and children. There will be religious ceremony at home and name, fame and luck due to that.

Dec 12, 2021 - Jan 03, 2022

Partnerships are good for Monica Seles this year, in both the professional and personal sphere. However, the most important thing is that Monica Seles might just have that overwhelming, life-changing experience that Monica Seles were waiting for so long. Communications and negotiations will click for Monica Seles and bring in new opportunities. Monica Seles will generous and help people. There will be frequent travels regarding business/job etc which will bring good luck for Monica Seles. If employed then service conditions will improve.

Jan 03, 2022 - Mar 04, 2022

On the darker side, this might well contribute to disputes and love loss with some loved ones. The important thing is not to involve oneself in others problems at this point of time. Monica Seles's health and financial situation are at risk. Monica Seles might get involved in a scandal and Monica Seles's reputation may suffer damage. There could be chances of getting money unexpectedly but needless to say expenses will be very high. This period characterizes with danger, so Monica Seles need to be extra cautios. Travel will not be rewarding, so avoid it.

Mar 04, 2022 - Mar 23, 2022

Monica Seles'll be successful in whatever Monica Seles take up. All Monica Seles's endeavors will be successful and Monica Seles'll overcome all Monica Seles's difficulties. Monica Seles's enemies will face defeat. A promotion is status can be speculated. Monica Seles will gain respect and good will. Monica Seles will win litigation. A successful period on the whole. Monica Seles need to be careful from inflmation and eye relation problems. There can be illness to mother and maternal relatives.

Mar 23, 2022 - Apr 22, 2022

Very successful and perspective period is waiting for Monica Seles ahead. Creative approaches and opportunities for additional earning are on the cards. Monica Seles will share a very good rapport with seniors and supervisors. A marked increase in Monica Seles's income is indicated. There will be expansion of trade and increase iof reputation. Overall this is a period of all round successs.

Apr 22, 2022 - May 13, 2022

This is a fluorescent period for Monica Seles so, try to have the benefit of it. Monica Seles will get relieved of all Monica Seles's stress and troubles. Family and professional atmosphere will be very supportive to Monica Seles. Monica Seles should be a bit conscious while driving. Monica Seles's enemies will not dare to face Monica Seles as Monica Seles will be full frame of mind to crush them. Monica Seles will come out courageous and get professional distinction.

May 13, 2022 - Jul 07, 2022

This period is marked by the change in place and change in job. Monica Seles will suffer due to mental anxiety. Monica Seles won't have any peace of mind. Family member's attitude will be quite different. Don't go for big investment because things may not turn up according to Monica Seles's expectations. Monica Seles's friends and associates shall not keep their promises. Be careful of wicked friends as Monica Seles's reputation could be made to suffer on their account. Take care of family's health as the problems related to their health may arise. Do not therefore plan a journey now. Physical ailments are also possible.

Jul 07, 2022 - Aug 25, 2022

This period is surely going to bring all the authority. A foreign connection will serve Monica Seles well for a considerable duration, and they might just be the source of the extra unexpected income on the cards for Monica Seles and power that Monica Seles strive for. Keep up the tempo and believe in Monica Seles's abilities, the year will see Monica Seles off in a completely new position. Family atmosphere will be very supporting. A long distance travel will be rewarding. Monica Seles will take interest in religion and perform charitable deeds.

Aug 25, 2022 - Oct 22, 2022

The period opens with a difficult phase in career. A dip in activity & opportunity will be experienced, although there could be rise in irrelevant activity in career. New investments or risky deals should be avoided as there could be chances of losses. It will not be advisable to commence new project or make new investments. Monica Seles should avoid getting aggressive with Monica Seles's superiors. It would be better to use Monica Seles's own skill and caliber other than thinking of taking help from others. Possiblity of theft or loss of money due to some other means is also there. Take proper care of Monica Seles'sself and Monica Seles's family members. Monica Seles may also receive bad news regarding some one's demise.

Oct 22, 2022 - Dec 12, 2022

A highly productive year that will leave Monica Seles feeling satisfied with what Monica Seles have achieved. During this period Monica Seles will enjoy the life with full optimism and vivacity. There will be ample opportunity for travel, study, and progress in life. Monica Seles will find that the opposite sex will help Monica Seles in Monica Seles's sphere. Monica Seles will get the respect that Monica Seles richly deserve and Monica Seles's life will be more stable. Speculative activities will be gainful. There may be acquisition of land or vehicle.