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Prakash Padukone 2022 Horoscope

Prakash Padukone Horoscope and Astrology

Prakash Padukone

Date of Birth:

Jun 10, 1955

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



77 E 35


13 N 0

Time Zone:


Information Source:

Astrology of Professions (Pathak)

AstroSage Rating:

Reference (R)

Love Matters Horoscope

Prakash Padukone are sociable and look upon a wide circle of friends as the correct state for happiness. From among these friends, Prakash Padukone will single out one who means everything to Prakash Padukone and that one Prakash Padukone will marry, if Prakash Padukone have not already done so. Prakash Padukone's nature is full of sympathy. Consequently, there is every reason for affirming that Prakash Padukone's married life will be a happy one. Prakash Padukone are the sort that thinks a great deal of Prakash Padukone's home and its contents, and Prakash Padukone expect it to be a comfortable, well-kept place. Disorder in the house is likely to grate on Prakash Padukone's susceptibilites. Prakash Padukone's children will mean a great deal to Prakash Padukone. Prakash Padukone will work for them and give them the utmost in education and enjoyment, and what Prakash Padukone lavish on them will not be wasted.

Prakash Padukone's Health Horoscope

Above all things, Prakash Padukone must avoid overwork and overstrain. Prakash Padukone are prone to both and Prakash Padukone's nature is such that they are particularly harmful to Prakash Padukone. Be careful to get sufficient sleep and do not plan things while lying in bed. Try to make Prakash Padukone's mind a total blank then. If possible, look upon the week-end as a time for complete rest and not one in which to do all the odd things that have been held up during the week. Too much excitement is decidedly bad and a time of hurry and flurry will take more out of Prakash Padukone than it will from most people. Therefore, try to live a serene and peaceful life. Do not worry over what cannot be helped. Prakash Padukone are apt to suffer from such complains as insomnia, neuralgia, headaches and eye-strain after the age of 30.

Prakash Padukone's Hobbies Horoscope

Prakash Padukone's leisure moments must be spent in a manner fitting to Prakash Padukone's temperament. Seeing that Prakash Padukone value refinement and comforts, Prakash Padukone do not care for rough or strenuous games. Prakash Padukone like the company of others and Prakash Padukone seek the bright-spots of life. Card-playing, probably, tempts Prakash Padukone, but it has no attractions unless money stakes are involved. And, here, it may be well to warn Prakash Padukone against gambling. If allowed, it might take a strong hold on Prakash Padukone.