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Prakash Padukone Horoscope and Astrology

Prakash Padukone

Date of Birth:

Jun 10, 1955

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



77 E 35


13 N 0

Time Zone:


Information Source:

Astrology of Professions (Pathak)

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Reference (R)

Prakash Padukone's 2022's Jupiter Transit Horoscope

Travels will prove interesting and may pave the way for exciting interactions with compatible persons. Prakash Padukone will be able to balance professional and domestic commitments intelligently and give Prakash Padukone's best to both these vital aspects of life. Prakash Padukone's cherished desires will be fulfilled with difficulty but will ultimately bring Prakash Padukone prosperity fame and good income or profits. Meeting with old friends is also indicated. Prakash Padukone will get company of opposite sex. Prakash Padukone will get some help from superiors or people in responsible or influential positions

Prakash Padukone's 2022's Saturn Transit Horoscope

Luck will be on Prakash Padukone's side in case Prakash Padukone are thinking about a rolling Prakash Padukone's dice on some project or speculation. There are chances of good career progress. This could be an excellent period promising much success provided Prakash Padukone are willing to work on it. Prakash Padukone will acquire new assests and make some wise investments. Prakash Padukone will enjoy the company of the opposite sex. Increased corporation from the family is seen. Prakash Padukone will develop the taste for rich and delicious food. A get together at home is on the cards.

Prakash Padukone's 2022's Rahu Transit Horoscope

The period will begin with hurdles in career due to pressures created by competition in Prakash Padukone's work area. Prakash Padukone need to be more flexible in handling those situations. New projects and risks in career should be avoided. Prakash Padukone should avoid controversy or seeking a change in job till such time. Prakash Padukone need to keep Prakash Padukone's speech & communications positive & non offensive throughout to ensure Prakash Padukone do not suffer any set backs due to Prakash Padukone's words, written or spoken. Prakash Padukone's relationship with the opposite sex will not be cordial. Illness of life-partner is also on the cards. As far as possible, unwanted travels should be curtailed. Prakash Padukone may have to face some unexpected sorrows and baseless allegations.

Prakash Padukone's 2022's Ketu Transit Horoscope

This is a period of mixed results for Prakash Padukone. Prakash Padukone will put Prakash Padukone's best in professional field. Prakash Padukone's fixity of purpose will remain intact and Prakash Padukone will not abandon work once undertaken or lose determination. There is danger of developing egoistic temperament in Prakash Padukone's personality. This attitude of Prakash Padukone'ss can lead Prakash Padukone towards unpopularity. Try to be more flexible and gentle while dealing with people. Prakash Padukone will support Prakash Padukone's brothers and sisters. There will be problems to Prakash Padukone's relatives.