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Revathi 2022 Horoscope

Revathi Horoscope and Astrology


Date of Birth:

Jul 08, 1966

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



76 E 15


9 N 56

Time Zone:


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Revathi's Career Horoscope

Because Revathi find it hard to stay with same job for too long a time, Revathi should find a career in such areas as salesmanship, where Revathi are constantly meeting new people. Revathi's job should provide many transfers and relocations so Revathi will constantly be in new environments with different people and different job responsibilities.

Revathi's Occupation Horoscope

Revathi will not be happy in any occupation that is humdrum and safe. As long as every day brings its fresh set of problems to be solved and surmounted, Revathi will be satisfied. But anything with a spice of danger or intrepidity in it will please Revathi even more. Some examples of this type of profession are : surgeon, construction engineer, top management posts. A surgeon would appeal to Revathi because people's lives and Revathi's own reputation depend upon Revathi's actions. A construction engineer has to overcome exceptional difficulties in building, say, a mighty bridge. What we meant to say is that any job which require very high caliber and have some spice of danger is suitable for Revathi.

Revathi's Finance Horoscope

In matter concerning money Revathi will be prudent and cautious and in small things may get a reputation for being close-fisted (don't want to spend money). Revathi will be rather inclined to be over-anxious about the future and for this reason Revathi will endeavour to make good provision for Revathi's advanced years. If a businessman, Revathi will be likely to retire early in life from active work. Revathi will have remarkable vision as to the stocks, shares and industry. Revathi will be strongly inclined to speculate in shares. Revathi are likely to be successful in such things if Revathi can follow Revathi's own ideas and intuition. If Revathi depend upon other's advise or on rumours, it will be disastrous for Revathi.