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Sarika Thakur 2023 Horoscope

Sarika Thakur Horoscope and Astrology

Sarika Thakur

Date of Birth:

Jun 3, 1962

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:

New Delhi


77 E 12


28 N 36

Time Zone:


Information Source:


AstroSage Rating:

Dirty Data (DD)

Sarika Thakur's Career Horoscope

Because Sarika Thakur are patient and want a career with permanence, it is hardly necessary for Sarika Thakur to rush. Pursue a career in an area such as banking, Government service, Insurance Companies where Sarika Thakur advance slowly but surely. Not only will Sarika Thakur be much better off in the long run, but Sarika Thakur have the patience and the attitude to see it through.

Sarika Thakur's Occupation Horoscope

There are many forms of work that Sarika Thakur could take up with entire success. All those occupations that depend, primarily, on passing examinations are within Sarika Thakur's range, since Sarika Thakur's are quick to learn and the grind necessary for their success is not a matter that irritates Sarika Thakur. Sarika Thakur's capacity for detail is valuable in a thousand widely different jobs. Sarika Thakur would make an excellent journalist, not a bad detective. As a teacher Sarika Thakur would be probably very good whilst Sarika Thakur's facility for remembering faces would be a valuable asset as a shopkeeper. What panders more to a customer's vanity than to be able to tell him everything that he discussed on his last visit ? Sarika Thakur have a wonderful gift for doing this. As has been said, Sarika Thakur are not exceptionally good in posts where leadership is required. But Sarika Thakur would do well in almost any capacity where decisions have to be made. Sarika Thakur are not fitted for the work of a commercial traveller and, generally speaking, the sea does not attract Sarika Thakur.

Sarika Thakur's Finance Horoscope

In matter of finance, Sarika Thakur need have nothing to fear. Great opportunities will come across Sarika Thakur's path. Out of nothing Sarika Thakur could create much, Sarika Thakur's only danger being that of undermining Sarika Thakur's resources by going in for large schemes of a speculative nature. Sarika Thakur will be a puzzle to Sarika Thakur's friends as well as to Sarika Thakur'sself in question of finance. Sarika Thakur will employ money, Sarika Thakur make in odd and unusual ways. As a general rule, Sarika Thakur will be lucky in making money and in the accumulation of possessions, especially in connection with land, houses or estate property business if Sarika Thakur make up Sarika Thakur's mind to go in for such things.

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