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Tom Cruise 2021 Horoscope

Tom Cruise Horoscope and Astrology

Tom Cruise

Date of Birth:

Jul 03, 1962

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



76 W 7


43 N 1

Time Zone:


Information Source:

Kundli Sangraha (Tendulkar)

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Accurate (A)

Year 2021 Summary Horoscope

Tom Cruise are learning new ways of maintaining harmony in Tom Cruise's individuality at work and around friends and family. Tom Cruise will be benefitted by friends and Tom Cruise's brother. Tom Cruise gain from royal favors or favors from higher authorities. Changes Tom Cruise experience in Tom Cruise's life will be deeply felt and lasting. Tom Cruise will maintain sound health. Tom Cruise's wishes will be fulfilled.

Jul 3, 2021 - Aug 02, 2021

Very successful and perspective period is waiting for Tom Cruise ahead. Creative approaches and opportunities for additional earning are on the cards. Tom Cruise will share a very good rapport with seniors and supervisors. A marked increase in Tom Cruise's income is indicated. There will be expansion of trade and increase iof reputation. Overall this is a period of all round successs.

Aug 02, 2021 - Aug 23, 2021

This is the time which will show Tom Cruise mixed results. Don't overlook minor health related problems because it may turn into a big one. Some diseases that require special attention are ulcer, rheumatism, vomiting, head an eye troubles, pain in joints or injury due to falling of heavy metallic lump etc. Difficult situations may arise in Tom Cruise's path but don't lose Tom Cruise's heart in the adversities as Tom Cruise's self-confidence will work in Tom Cruise's favor. Dispute with government and senior officials are on the card, so Tom Cruise are advised to be careful. This is not a favorable time for speculation or taking risks.

Aug 23, 2021 - Oct 17, 2021

During this period Tom Cruise will be courageous and rise to a high level. Tom Cruise will enjoy conjugal happiness during this time. Tom Cruise's contacts with influential people will definitely increase. Tom Cruise's opponents will lack conviction and courage to face Tom Cruise. Long distance travel is going to be beneficial. For love and romance this is going to be a boon. Tom Cruise will be heroic in strife and overcome Tom Cruise's enemies. Minor ailment can be seen. Family relation will be quite satisfactory. Though relationship with Tom Cruise's children may not be good.

Oct 17, 2021 - Dec 05, 2021

Tom Cruise take care of Tom Cruise'sself now and not let Tom Cruise'sself be overburdened, and that way Tom Cruise can keep Tom Cruise'sself going for long. There might be a few disappointments. Tom Cruise's courage and convictions are Tom Cruise's strongest qualities, but it might hurt to get a little too pigheaded. Don't go for big investment because things may not turn up according to Tom Cruise's expectations. Tom Cruise may not get proper support from Tom Cruise's friends and associates. Family members attitude will be quite different. Health will be an issue and Tom Cruise will see diseased like nausea, fever attacks, ear infection and vomiting.

Dec 05, 2021 - Feb 01, 2022

The period will begin with hurdles in career due to pressures created by competition in Tom Cruise's work area. Tom Cruise need to be more flexible in handling those situations. New projects and risks in career should be avoided. Tom Cruise should avoid controversy or seeking a change in job till such time. Tom Cruise need to keep Tom Cruise's speech & communications positive & non offensive throughout to ensure Tom Cruise do not suffer any set backs due to Tom Cruise's words, written or spoken. Tom Cruise's relationship with the opposite sex will not be cordial. Illness of life-partner is also on the cards. As far as possible, unwanted travels should be curtailed. Tom Cruise may have to face some unexpected sorrows and baseless allegations.

Feb 01, 2022 - Mar 24, 2022

Increase of income position and bank balances will improve. This is a good time to start new ventures. This transit indicates new friendships and relationships and gain through them. Previous work, as well as newly starting works will bring good and desired results, Tom Cruise's cherished desires will be fulfilled. Tom Cruise may get into new trade or get new contracts. Help from superiors or people in responsible or influential positions can be expected. Over all prosperity is also indicated in this period. Tom Cruise need to pay special attention to the relationship with Tom Cruise's life-partner and some caution is required there.

Mar 24, 2022 - Apr 15, 2022

Hurdles in personal and professional front are seen. Try to handle the difficult situation in a calm and intelligent way because rashness is definitely not going to help Tom Cruise in this period. Travel is not beneficial so try to avoid it. Tom Cruise will not get full support from Tom Cruise's family side. Progeny related problems will be observed during this period. Tom Cruise's enemies will leave no stone unturned to harm Tom Cruise. Better be bold and sticky to Tom Cruise's fair decisions. Stomach ailments may be the cause of anxiety.

Apr 15, 2022 - Jun 15, 2022

This period is fabulous for Tom Cruise for many reasons. Tom Cruise's ambience is just so great, that things just seem to be sorting themselves out. All Tom Cruise's household affairs are going around their respective orbits with perfect harmony. Tom Cruise's passion and zeal jet Tom Cruise's performance and efficiency to an all time high. There will be favor from the high class, improvement in Tom Cruise's staus, and destruction of Tom Cruise's enemies. Tom Cruise will get full support from Tom Cruise's family members and relatives. There will be a pleasant environment all around Tom Cruise.

Jun 15, 2022 - Jul 03, 2022

Don't try to be aggressive in nature because Tom Cruise's aggressiveness can shove Tom Cruise into difficult situations. There will be difference of opinion, quarrels, and fighting with Tom Cruise's friends. So, try to maintain good relations otherwise there is possibility of straining relations with them. There will be ups and downs financially. Lack of harmony and understanding is indicated in family life. There are possibilities of distress from spouse and mother. Care must be taken regarding health. The diseases that require immediate attention are headace, eye, abdominal disease, and swelling of the feet.