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Tom Jones 2022 Horoscope

Tom Jones Horoscope and Astrology

Tom Jones

Date of Birth:

Jun 7, 1940

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:

3 W 20, 51 N 36


3 W 20


51 N 36

Time Zone:


Information Source:


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Tom Jones's Career Horoscope

Tom Jones's career should be such that Tom Jones have constant public contact. Tom Jones have a persuasive and magnetic personality. Thus, to use it to great potential, Tom Jones should involve Tom Jones'sself in areas where persuasion reaps the greatest rewards.

Tom Jones's Occupation Horoscope

Tom Jones have, above all, a facility for putting thoughts into eloquent words. Thus, Tom Jones would do admirably as a journalist, a lecturer or even as a traveller salesman. Never would Tom Jones be at a loss for something to say. This quality would fit Tom Jones for a teacher also. But, when Tom Jones's impatient moods overtake Tom Jones, Tom Jones would fare badly. In almost any occupation requiring quick thinking, Tom Jones will succeed very well. But, it must not be monotonous work or Tom Jones will prove an utter failure. Tom Jones like change and variety, so that any job which takes Tom Jones up and down the country or to some far-flung outpost, will be suitable for Tom Jones. Tom Jones will fare better as Tom Jones's own master than when working for somebody else. Tom Jones want to come and go when Tom Jones like and, to be able to do this, Tom Jones must be Tom Jones's own master.

Tom Jones's Finance Horoscope

Tom Jones will have many ups and downs in money matters, but chiefly owing to Tom Jones's own rashness and in attempting enterprises beyond Tom Jones's power of execution. Tom Jones would make a successful company promoter, preacher, orator or organiser. Tom Jones will always have the ability to make money but at the same time Tom Jones are likely to make bitter enemies in the course of Tom Jones's business. Tom Jones will be under good conditions for making money in business, industry or enterprise, and Tom Jones will have many opportunities of amassing wealth if Tom Jones keep control over Tom Jones's strong-willed disposition, which at times will be inclined to wreck Tom Jones's good fortune by causing expensive litigation and powerful enemies to rise in Tom Jones's path. So, Tom Jones should try to develop tact in the handling of individuals and avoiding disputes.

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