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Victor Ibarbo 2022 Horoscope

Victor Ibarbo Horoscope and Astrology

Victor Ibarbo

Date of Birth:

May 19, 1990

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:

Tumaco, Colombia


78 W 37


1 N 36

Time Zone:


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Year 2022 Summary Horoscope

It would be advisable to maintain cordial relations with relatives. A health check is necessary. A prolonged illness is speculated. Victor Ibarbo's enemies will leave no stone unturned to harm Victor Ibarbo, so better to keep safe distance from them. Family members health may disturb Victor Ibarbo's peace of mind. Financial condition may not be good and Victor Ibarbo may get into debt. There can be expenditure and loss due to thieves and disputes. There will be disputes and disagreements with the authorities.

May 19, 2022 - Jun 06, 2022

There may be unexpected problems. It would be advisable to maintain cordial relations with relatives. A health check is necessary. A prolonged illness is speculated. Helth of life partner and children should also be kept in check. Under hand dealings must be avoided. Business matters must be dealt with after ascertaining all the facts. Victor Ibarbo may suffer from boils.

Jun 06, 2022 - Jul 07, 2022

This will prove to be a fantastic period for Victor Ibarbo. Victor Ibarbo will be very confident with Victor Ibarbo's thoughts and chance of getting promotion is highly recommended. There are chances of sudden travel which seems to be very fruitful. There will be happiness from siblings and from the opposite sex. This is also a good period for Victor Ibarbo's borthers. Thought of changing place or profession should be avoided.

Jul 07, 2022 - Jul 28, 2022

This is a fluorescent period for Victor Ibarbo so, try to have the benefit of it. Victor Ibarbo will get relieved of all Victor Ibarbo's stress and troubles. Family and professional atmosphere will be very supportive to Victor Ibarbo. Victor Ibarbo should be a bit conscious while driving. Victor Ibarbo's enemies will not dare to face Victor Ibarbo as Victor Ibarbo will be full frame of mind to crush them. Victor Ibarbo will come out courageous and get professional distinction.

Jul 28, 2022 - Sep 21, 2022

Though Victor Ibarbo will try a lot to maintain good relation with Victor Ibarbo's partners or associates but all in ruin. Growth & new areas might not come as easily. This period will begin with challenges and difficulties. There could be controversy & unnecessary aggression. Sudden losses are also possible. Health problems might disturb Victor Ibarbo. Victor Ibarbo may have to be involved in unprofitable deeds. Try to develop resistance towards odds. A tendency of taking risk should be curbed and all kinds of speculations must be avoided.

Sep 21, 2022 - Nov 09, 2022

This is not a very adequate period for Victor Ibarbo. Victor Ibarbo's opponents will try to damage Victor Ibarbo's reputation. Victor Ibarbo may have to be involved in unprofitable deeds. Sudden financial loss is on the cards. A tendency of taking risks should be curbed as it is not a very harmonious period for Victor Ibarbo. Dispute on small issues with relatives and friends is on cards. Don't take major decisions otherwise Victor Ibarbo will be in trouble. Beside this, Victor Ibarbo might have to get indulge in thankless job. The period indicates menstrual trouble to ladies, dysentery and eye trouble.

Nov 09, 2022 - Jan 05, 2023

Job matters will remain mostly below average and not entirely satisfactory. Work environment will remain disturbed and under pressure during this period. Risk taking tendencies should be curbed totally. Victor Ibarbo should avoid major activity during this period. If working as a professional, this year will experience hurdles and some challenges. There will be uncertainty and some confusion. Victor Ibarbo will lack full support from Victor Ibarbo's own people. Possiblity of some legal action against Victor Ibarbo is also there. The health of Victor Ibarbo's dear ones may create anxiety for Victor Ibarbo. There will be problem in the progeny during this period. Victor Ibarbo should keep a low profile during this time and avoid changes.

Jan 05, 2023 - Feb 26, 2023

However, Victor Ibarbo should avoid stretching Victor Ibarbo's luck too far.  There could be some cash crunch due to Victor Ibarbo's locking money in various channels. Health problem may also disturb Victor Ibarbo. Especially Victor Ibarbo will be troubled by cough, phlegmatic problems, eye-sour and viral fever. Be careful while dealing with friends, relatives or associates. Travel may be fruitless and therefore should be avoided. Dispute over small issues is also on the cards. This is also a period which can create troubles or messy situations due to carelessness or negligence. Journeys should be avoided.

Feb 26, 2023 - Mar 19, 2023

A phase of confusion in strategy & misunderstandings with business partners or associates is possible. Major expansion & long term plans should be put on hold. Focus should be on gains from existing sources, throughout the period. It is better to avoid travel as far as possible. Victor Ibarbo's enemies will put their best efforts to harm Victor Ibarbo. Even Victor Ibarbo should be careful about Victor Ibarbo's friends as there are indications of cheating. Take good care of Victor Ibarbo'sself as it may become the reason of anxiety. Health requires special attention as there are possibilities of chonic diseases. Try to be practical in this period. As a matter off act Victor Ibarbo will be inclined towards unproductive pursuits. Loss of money is on the cards. There can be disputes with the characterless persons.

Mar 19, 2023 - May 19, 2023

Those very personal relations that Victor Ibarbo worked on, won't work out well, and cause disturbance in Victor Ibarbo's household and office. Take care of Victor Ibarbo's health and try to refine Victor Ibarbo image. Sensual thoughts not only depress Victor Ibarbo but may even cause Victor Ibarbo some humiliation in this period. Harmonious relationship with the opposite sex may get disturbed. Health problems will create disturbances in Victor Ibarbo's life. There are chances of getting indulge into unnecessary expenses. Overall, not a very pleasing period for Victor Ibarbo. Victor Ibarbo will feel Victor Ibarbo'sself physically weak and dejected.