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Zaheer Khan 2022 Horoscope

Zaheer Khan Horoscope and Astrology

Zaheer Khan

Date of Birth:

Oct 07, 1978

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



88 E 21


22 N 44

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Love Matters Horoscope

Zaheer Khan drift into matrimony almost as a matter of course. Very frequently, there is no courtship, so much as a friendship. Generally, Zaheer Khan will not write love letters and the less romance comes into the affair the better. But do not conclude that Zaheer Khan view marriage in a detached light. Far from it, once Zaheer Khan marry, Zaheer Khan do it with the full intention of marking the union as harmonious as is humanly possible and this ideal is not cast aside even after the lapse of a few years.

Zaheer Khan's Health Horoscope

Zaheer Khan are lucky in terms of health. Zaheer Khan are the master of excellent anatomy. Health will always support Zaheer Khan. But Zaheer Khan can suffer from minor problems like cold-flu. As the age increases, Zaheer Khan will consider Zaheer Khan'sself strong and powerful. Avoid stress. Without any medical advice or prescription, consuming medicines can have a bad effect on Zaheer Khan's health. Zaheer Khan will attain longevity in life.

Zaheer Khan's Hobbies Horoscope

Reading, painting, the drama, and such pastimes as require artistic and literary feeling will occupy Zaheer Khan's mind. It would not be surprising to find that Zaheer Khan suddenly developed and interest in Spiritualism or things relating to the supernatural. Anything to do with travel will also attract Zaheer Khan, whether it is on land, sea or in the air. For such games as cricket and football, Zaheer Khan will have very little time. However, Zaheer Khan will be interested in indoor games like table-tennis, carom, badminton etc.