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About J. Paul Getty / J. Paul Getty Biography

J. Paul Getty Horoscope and Astrology

J. Paul Getty

Date of Birth:

Dec 15, 1892

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:

Minneapolis MN


93 W 15


44 N 58

Time Zone:


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About J. Paul Getty/ Who is J. Paul Getty

J. Paul Getty was an avid collector of art and antiquities; his collection formed the basis of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California, and over $661 million (approximately $2.7 billion in 2014) of his estate was left to the museum after his death.

What year was J. Paul Getty born?

Year 1892

What is J. Paul Getty's birth date?

His birthday is on Thursday, December 15, 1892.

Where was J. Paul Getty born?

Minneapolis MN

How old is J. Paul Getty ?

J. Paul Getty is 131 years old.

When was J. Paul Getty born?

Thursday, December 15, 1892

What is the nationality of J. Paul Getty?

This data is not available.

J. Paul Getty's Character horoscope

J. Paul Getty are an energetic person, never satisfied unless J. Paul Getty are up and doing. J. Paul Getty are strong in mind and strong in body and full of enthusiasm for the work in hand. J. Paul Getty have unlimited courage, and all these qualities combined tend to make J. Paul Getty's life varied. J. Paul Getty are not going to stay at one thing just because J. Paul Getty have set out in that direction. J. Paul Getty will change J. Paul Getty's job, J. Paul Getty's friends, J. Paul Getty's hobbies or anything whatsoever provided J. Paul Getty think the change is for better. Unfortunately for J. Paul Getty, J. Paul Getty will not always count up the pros and cons of the change as carefully as J. Paul Getty should and this impulsiveness may often lead J. Paul Getty into difficulties. Still J. Paul Getty have a courage, J. Paul Getty are a born fighter and are endowed with plenty of enterprise. All of which will enable J. Paul Getty to succeed in the end.It is unlikely that J. Paul Getty will amass great wealth but money is only useful for the happiness it can bring and of happiness J. Paul Getty will have J. Paul Getty's full shape and more.There are many reasons for thinking that J. Paul Getty will move from place to place a good deal and probably J. Paul Getty will see much of the world. If a man, J. Paul Getty are likely to take up posts in various parts of the country, and, if a woman, it would not be surprising if J. Paul Getty called upon to travel because of the requirements of J. Paul Getty's partner's business or profession.We would suggest that J. Paul Getty should endeavor to cultivate the quality of patience, and that J. Paul Getty reason out the cost more thoroughly before embarking upon some fresh enterprise. There are little points but they help to mar J. Paul Getty's success. Moreover, avoid being a rolling stone (avoid changes) especially after the age of 35.

J. Paul Getty's Happiness and Fulfillment horoscope

J. Paul Getty are a person who live in fantasy. Hypersensitive, many of J. Paul Getty have inferiority complexes, feeling slighted by taking the most unrelated incident as personal insult. It is important that J. Paul Getty do not indulge in drugs or alcohol, for this adds to J. Paul Getty's unclarity. J. Paul Getty be honest with J. Paul Getty'sself and others, and attempt to be as realistic as possible, for J. Paul Getty tend toward escapism. Music, colours and nature are very positive in smoothing J. Paul Getty's overly sensitive being.J. Paul Getty are a sensible person by nature, which will also help J. Paul Getty to handle various situations in life. J. Paul Getty are likely to experience obstacles in J. Paul Getty's studies but will face each and every situation without succumbing to fear. J. Paul Getty's urge to acquire more and more knowledge will help J. Paul Getty climb the ladder of success. In the initial phase of J. Paul Getty's life, J. Paul Getty may encounter certain difficulties, but J. Paul Getty will prove to be lucky in J. Paul Getty's studies solely because of J. Paul Getty's concentration skills. Sometimes, J. Paul Getty may find it difficult to remember certain things, but thinking hard during such time can make everything crystal clear. This aspect of J. Paul Getty's character will help J. Paul Getty to succeed in the realm of J. Paul Getty's studies.

J. Paul Getty's Life Style horoscope

J. Paul Getty's friends serve as motivational factors in J. Paul Getty's life. J. Paul Getty need their support and encouragement. J. Paul Getty can thus achieve J. Paul Getty's goals by directing J. Paul Getty'sself in areas where J. Paul Getty's friends see J. Paul Getty's progress.

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