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Richard Lewis Horoscope and Astrology

Richard Lewis

Date of Birth:

Nov 1, 1917

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:

87 W 39, 41 N 52


87 W 39


41 N 52

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About Richard Lewis/ Who is Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis was an American writer, professor, critic and scholar. He wrote many famous books. His first book was �The American Adam� that was followed by "The Picaresque Saint". He was also a distinct critic and worked as a professor of English in famous universities. He was a very well known writer and his books were highly acclaimed. The collection of his articles was also published as a book �Trials of the World�.

What year was Richard Lewis born?

Year 1917

What is Richard Lewis's birth date?

His birthday is on Thursday, November 1, 1917.

Where was Richard Lewis born?

87 W 39, 41 N 52

How old is Richard Lewis ?

Richard Lewis is 105 years old.

When was Richard Lewis born?

Thursday, November 1, 1917

What is the nationality of Richard Lewis?

This data is not available.

Richard Lewis's Character horoscope

Richard Lewis think out things that are original in character. These may take widely diverse forms. Richard Lewis might invent some very ingenious contrivance or evolve a new method. Whatever it is, the world will be taken a step forward on Richard Lewis's account.There is no doubt that Richard Lewis set great score on honesty, using the term in its widest sense. Richard Lewis require Richard Lewis's friends to be honest in purpose, honest in speech, as well as in money affairs.Richard Lewis's greatest weakness lies in the way Richard Lewis treat others. Richard Lewis cannot tolerate inefficiency and Richard Lewis are apt to consider those who do not see eye to eye with Richard Lewis as being hopelessly beneath contempt. It would not be difficult for Richard Lewis to cultivate a more charitable and tolerant view towards those who are likely to earn Richard Lewis's disapproval. At any rate, it is well worth trying.Richard Lewis are a person of considerable action. Richard Lewis are never still. Richard Lewis are always making plans and the thing Richard Lewis can least tolerate is inactivity. Richard Lewis have much self will, and the spirit of independence is firmly planted in Richard Lewis. Richard Lewis resent the interference of others, perhaps more than Richard Lewis should, and freedom is a quality Richard Lewis prize very highly- freedom not only of action but also of thought.

Richard Lewis's Happiness and Fulfillment horoscope

Expecting too much too soon, Richard Lewis are under tremendous inner tension and are too stubborn to compromise. Extremely nervous, Richard Lewis scatter Richard Lewis's energies by doing too many things at once and rarely complete anything, for there is always something new to discover. At later part of Richard Lewis's age, Richard Lewis may experience migraine headaches and must learn to relax. Any sort of combined physical and mental discipline such as yoga is an excellent remedy.The power of profound thinking has been invested upon Richard Lewis, which helps Richard Lewis to get hold of things swiftly. However, this procedure is quite time taking, which can give birth to boredom. Richard Lewis will work hard in Richard Lewis's studies and maintain a studious nature. Learning Richard Lewis's lessons regularly will help Richard Lewis in completing Richard Lewis's studies. Richard Lewis are also likely to get stuck in a particular subject, but regular revisions will help Richard Lewis get through it. Sometimes, Richard Lewis may not get Richard Lewis's desired results but Richard Lewis will obtain knowledge in abundance which will provide Richard Lewis success in various aspects of life.

Richard Lewis's Life Style horoscope

Richard Lewis are motivated to work hard to earn money because Richard Lewis feel that beautiful surroundings are essential to gain the high regard of others. This is not true. Pursue these directions only if Richard Lewis find true happiness in them.