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Nirmal Chettri 2022 Horoscope

Nirmal Chettri Horoscope and Astrology

Nirmal Chettri

Date of Birth:

Oct 21, 1990

Time of Birth:


Place of Birth:



88 E 9


22 N 49

Time Zone:


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Love Matters Horoscope

Generally, Nirmal Chettri are very careful in taking a partner. The horror of making a possible mistake seems to be magnified in Nirmal Chettri's eyes and Nirmal Chettri are very cautious. As a consequence, Nirmal Chettri marry later than usual. But, once Nirmal Chettri make a choice, Nirmal Chettri become charming and devoted spouse.

Nirmal Chettri's Health Horoscope

Nirmal Chettri have an abundance of vitality. Nirmal Chettri are robust and not likely to suffer much unless Nirmal Chettri overtax Nirmal Chettri'sself. Just because Nirmal Chettri can burn the candle at both ends, Nirmal Chettri must not think that it is a wise thing to do. Be reasonable with Nirmal Chettri'sself, do not take too much out of the bank of health, and Nirmal Chettri will have cause for congratulating Nirmal Chettri'sself in later life. Illness, if it does come, usually comes unexpectedly. Really, it has been coming a long while before it manifests itself. A little hard thinking will show that Nirmal Chettri plainly asked for the trouble. No doubt, it was something Nirmal Chettri could have avoided. Nirmal Chettri's eyes are Nirmal Chettri's weak point so take care of Nirmal Chettri's eyes. Nirmal Chettri may suffer from some kind of eye disease after the age of 35.

Nirmal Chettri's Hobbies Horoscope

Reading, painting, the drama, and such pastimes as require artistic and literary feeling will occupy Nirmal Chettri's mind. It would not be surprising to find that Nirmal Chettri suddenly developed and interest in Spiritualism or things relating to the supernatural. Anything to do with travel will also attract Nirmal Chettri, whether it is on land, sea or in the air. For such games as cricket and football, Nirmal Chettri will have very little time. However, Nirmal Chettri will be interested in indoor games like table-tennis, carom, badminton etc.